Reduced Inequalities

Allianz brings microinsurance customer stories to life

Allianz has some 35 million microinsurance customers around the globe. Imagine the stories behind all those customers - their struggles, successes and failures.

AT&T earns diversity plaudits for Latino community commitment

Dallas-based AT&T is a company noted for its work in disadvantaged communities, but it is its work empowering disadvantaged Latino neighborhoods that has earned special plaudits.

Bank of America's Pinterest approach to Better Money Habits

Since taking such a PR hammering over irresponsible lending, banks have been keen to show a more considered approach in recent years.

ChangeIt rounds up cashless transactions for charitable giving

Donating to charity is all about convenience, with studies showing that around a quarter of people feel more inclined to give to charity when it is convenient for them.

Dove Chocolate takes to Tumblr to show its sustainable credentials

Chocolate production has received a lot of negative coverage in recent years, amid accusations of poor working conditions - even child slavery - on some African plantations.

Illy's coffee doc sets a high bar for branded content

Smart brands know that interesting people and engaging stories make great marketing, and coffee brand Illy has both at their fingertips, thanks to the inspirational work of a group of women in rural Costa Rica, whose ideas sparked a revolution in the coffee growing world.

Kingfisher helps employees bolt to the finish with pension app

There aren’t many topics less fun than pensions, but British retail company Kingfisher delivers an amusing approach for its employees with a pensions game app, Bolt to the Finish. The idea is to collect coins against the clock, avoiding obstacles on the way, and making sure you (as a bolt) don’t get caught by a nut.

Oreo encourages all of us to "open up"

As the world’s favorite cookie, Oreo is a powerful brand, with the potential to reach and influence a vast global market. The Open Up with Oreo campaign urges us to open up to people who are different from us, and  discover the similarities.

Wecyclers offers a locally-sourced solution for tackling Lagos waste

Lagos is a city that suffers from a number of sustainability issues, chief amongst them the overwhelming amount of unmanaged waste.