Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions

Faced with Trumpland Ben & Jerry's hopes for One Sweet World

Imagine a world where the dominant message is one of division - where sour-faced lemons demonize other fruit, no matter how much benefit these cherries, strawberries and raspberries bring to society.

Gun shop New York sends a double-barrelled anti firearms message

Many Americans think owning a gun will make their lives safer, but unsuspecting shoppers who visited a “gun store” on the Lower East Side of Manhattan came out thinking differently. Their visit to this supposed "gun store" aimed at first-time weapon buyers is captured in a three-minute video, produced by Grey for States United to Prevent Gun Violence.

Why we need groceries not guns

There are plenty of things you are not allowed to do in a Kroger grocery store. Well, you could hurt someone with that skateboard. Your kid’s water pistol? It could spill water on the floor. And your little dog? It’s not hygienic in a store where there’s food. A gun, on the other hand - in certain US states, that’s no problem.