Life on Land

Cargo Cruelty campaign pushed airlines to stop transporting primates for research

With over 100 years of animal protection and advocacy, the British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection (BUAV)  turned its attention toward the airline industry in 2011.

Cascadian Farm Organic urges us to Bee Friendlier

General Mills-owned organic food brand Cascadian Farm has always taken a green approach to its produce, focusing on recycling and sustainability.

Disney takes a clear cut stance against deforestation

Deforestation is fast becoming the major environmental problem for many developing countries - notably Indonesia and Malaysia. Clear cutting vast swathes of tropical forests endangers local wildlife, contributes to greenhouse gas emissions and severely damages the long term employment prospects of local people who depend on the farming of rubber and sago.

Honey Nut Cheerios campaigns to bring back the bees

The famous ‘Buzz’ bee character, who goes with Honey Nut Cheerios as closely as milk, disappeared from packaging in Canada from March 2016. Buzz’s absence was highlighted by a white space on the packet - a move to highlight declining bee numbers around the world, and to encourage customers to help #BringBackTheBees

How Selfridges shed its fur policy

In 2005, the London department store, Selfridges, found itself a central targets for anti-fur protests. The activist organisation, the Coalition to Abolish the Fur Trade (CAFT), staged weekly demonstrations outside shops and flooded manager emails and phone lines with fur free requests (their details having been published on CAFT’s website).

Jordans partners with farms to protect biodiversity

British cereal manufacturer Jordans is working with farmers and environmentalists to make farmland more ecologically friendly.

Natura takes to the Amazon to explain its biodiversity commitment

Consistently regarded as a leader in environmental practices and often-ranked top three of most sustainable companies in the world, Brazil’s largest cosmetics company Natura, has turned its sustainability report into an journey.

Nature Valley stresses the great outdoors on Tumblr

How does nature make you feel better? Does it give you energy? Make you smile? Inspire you? These are the questions posed by the Nature Valley Tumblr - an extension of the brand's larger campaign to reconnect kids to the joy of nature and develop an appreciation for the great outdoors.

Plant-e delivers bulbs with a buzz

Sustainability and development have often been at odds in terms of what is good for the earth and what is good for humanity. But imagine being able to grow plants to store carbon, produce food and produce electricity all in the same land -  we would be able to deal with three of the largest sustainability issues in one swoop.

Rediscover Nature encourages Nature Valley

The General Mills cereal bars sold as Nature Valley have enjoyed a long-running campaign called ‘Get Out There’, highlighting the supposed link between the snack and the great outdoors.