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Toyota captures kids' car dreams on Vine

Toyota invited children from around the world to draw their dream car designs. It then animated the best into Vines.

Uber's Reward from Amex

Uber, the controversial “sharing economy” private car service, teamed up with Amex Reward Points users to allow them to collect points or use them on Uber’s services.

UPS delivers on 3D printing services

As one of the world’s major logistics companies, it makes sense that UPS should become a player in the disruptive technology that could have a massive influence in reducing the demand for transportation.

Volkswagen takes the brakes off bumper car fun

Vehicle manufacturer Volkswagen is widely-known for its unique brand of advertising. Instead of promoting new makes and models, the company tends to hone in on specific car features and driving themes, always in a fun and engaging way.

Volvo Sensus connects with Smart Cities infrastructure

The Sensus Connect is one of the most advanced realisations of a smart connected car to date. It links up Volvo vehicles to its cloud systems, which then enables it to connect to the internet and use apps to help drivers find and do things while they are driving.

Volvo's cyclist early warning system for safe drivers

Volvo’s Sensus Connect technology enables its vehicles to be connected to the cloud while driving, allowing the driver a whole host of capabilities to create a safer and more fuel efficient ride.


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