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Nissan creates prototypes by the people using Oculus Rift

As part of the 2013 Tokyo Auto Show, Nissan teamed up with advertising agency AKQA to create an OR experience that gave attendees the opportunity to design and configure a next generation Nissan. The goal was to engage Millennials in car ownership by involving them in the design process.  

Nissan Leaf glows but flatters to deceive

A glow-in-the-dark LEAF, Nissan’s all-electric family car, glides effortlessly along a luminous highway in this 50-second promotional film that looks like something from a scifi movie - a scifi movie that utilizes CGI. The car glows, the road glows - it looks almost unreal. And in a sense it is.

Nissan's Leaf campaign makes the people's case for EVs

Nissan’s Leaf, with a range of between 75 and 84 miles and capable of charging in as little time as one half hour, is one of the most user-friendly EV on the market today.

PepsiCo takes a portfolio approach to reducing emissions

Targeting a 20% reduction in energy consumption per unit by 2015, PepsiCo estimated it saved around $70 million on energy costs in 2012 alone.

Renault's race to EV power

French manufacturer Renault has been busy in the world of Electric Vehicles. Not only is it one of the few mass manufacturers to have more than a single EV model, but also the EV racing championship, Formula E, uses all Renault cars.

Samsung innovates road safety with see-through truck

It’s a familiar situation to many of us - you’re driving behind a semi-trailer truck on a single-lane highway.  The truck is driving slowly, but you can’t overtake because you can’t see what’s happening in front.

SAP shares TwoGo for smarter commuting

The daily commute is an experience shared by millions of people around the world. But most of the time, that’s where the sharing ends - most commuters are going it alone, rather than sharing the vehicles they use, or the costs and emissions associated with car ownership.

Spotcycle adds AI to bike route mapping

Spotcycle, from Canadian software developers 8D Technologies, is a smartphone app for the sustainability-minded traveller.

Tom Tom gets city smart with new navigation features

TomTom is perhaps the UK’s most well known satellite navigation device. But with the advent of smarter analytical systems and mobile internet networks, TomTom has an increased range of capabilities.

Toyota and IBM connect on interconnected cars

The interconnected car is the next big stage in transport.The power behind IoT interconnected cars will lie in their ability to relay information to the driver and others through making sense of the raw data that they monitor. But first, we need an analytics system that is capable of converting that raw data into useful information - and that is most likely to come in the form of apps.


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