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Can Uber overcome its sustainability problem?

No other Sharing Economy startup has come close to generating the publicity Uber has achieved.

Chevy's Volt gets checked on its reality marketing

General Motors’ pioneering electric vehicle, the Chevrolet Volt, caught the eyes of the US public back in 2012, thanks to its gay and lesbian market-targeted “Mom, Dad. I’m electric” ad campaign for Detroit’s Motor City Pride.

Cisco's smart Seatropolis

Hamburg is Europe’s third biggest port city, handling 10,000 big vessels a year and seemingly working at capacity.

Coca-Cola connects with 3D printing via Ekocycle

It is estimated that up to 100 million tonnes of plastic is floating in the world’s oceans, with each piece taking around 500 to 1,000 years to decompose. This represents a huge sustainability problem as the plastic infiltrates food chains and poisons habitats. It just so happens that the 3D printing revolution will also run off plastic, the same kind that is choking up our environment.

Deutsche Post shows how to deliver tomorrow sustainably

As one of the world’s major logistics companies, Deutsche Post DHL Group, faces serious challenges when it comes to operating sustainably.

Fiat says you're not too sexy for its EV

While many of us are probably sold on the green idea of electric vehicles (EVs) - they’re quiet, clean, efficient after all. But are they really sexy?

Fleet Forum puts a premium on transportation safety

The numbers around road traffic accidents are scary: 1.3 million people killed each year, and many more seriously injured; and traffic-related deaths are the biggest killer of those aged 5 to 29.

Ford's Social Storytelling

Ford is one of a growing group of companies that are putting editorial content at the heart of their online communication efforts around sustainability and more.

GE 3D prints its way to greater construction efficiency

General Electric is one of the companies best poised to take advantage of 3D printing. From being able to eliminate more waste from production to being able to manufacture parts for aircraft on demand and on location, there are many sustainability benefits.

GE brings intermodal transport to life with a techno beat

Most goods are shipped around the country intermodal - that is by multiple modes of transport in a complex interlinked network. To give you some sort of perspective about the scale of intermodal: GE Transportation and CSX Transportation's intermodal business delivers more than 2 million containers across 2,000 routes every year.


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