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Acciona's Dakar feat puts EVs on the map

“Win on Sunday, sell on Monday” was the reason US auto-manufacturers took such an interest in racing for so long. Now, as electric vehicles (EVs) gain more credence as passenger cars, they are beginning to make an impact in competition too. We’ve written before about the Formula E race series, and now an EV has completed the world’s toughest rally.

Allstate's Star Driver App promotes safe teen driving

Traditionally, when you hand over the car keys to your teen, all you can do is offer words of advice, maybe agree some rules, then just pray and hope.

Alstom's innovation corner

The French industrial giant has created an innovation corner to help explain its work to the general public as well as the media, NGOs and investors. Alstom uses immersive 3D animation to bring its innovation to life and has partnered with Scientific American magazine to create an editorial series around its work.

Arup adds steel to its 3D printing repertoire

As designers of some of the world’s most spectacular buildings and complexes, Arup uses a lot of unique speciality parts within its building designs. These parts are manufactured in just a handful of locations around the world, meaning that it generates a great deal of carbon and cost to get these parts transported from their manufacturing location to their user location.

AT&T turns to talking heads for sustainability report

Taking a different approach to the increasingly popular video version of a sustainability report, in 2011 AT&T chose to provide short "talking head" video introductions to the different sections of its report.

Autolib brings car sharing together with an electric dream

Car sharing schemes often tout their sustainability credentials in terms of taking excess vehicles off the road.

BlaBlaCar goes far beyond city auto sharing

Driving is so convenient that it’s no surprise most of the world would prefer to travel by car. Increasingly though people are coming to terms with the environmental cost of their attachment to the auto, and they are seeking out greener, more cost-effective ways to get around.

BMW encourage DriveNow car sharing

BMW teamed up with Sixt back in 2011 to create DriveNow, a car-sharing service for Berlin and Munich, with three more cities in Germany added through 2012 and 2013.

BMW's i3 App sells style but needs more substance

The BMW i3 is a slick looking four seater, five door hatchback that comes with all of BMW’s style and prestige, capable of a range of around 80 miles and a top speed of 93 mph - pretty fast for an EV.

Can Uber overcome its sustainability problem?

No other Sharing Economy startup has come close to generating the publicity Uber has achieved.