Good Health & Wellbeing

7Up designs a music experience for deaf ears

“Music is the fuel for living it UP”, 7Up’s campaign website tells us. “It connects us, moves us, and makes us feel alive.” But what if you can’t hear it?

Aetna's focuses on mindfulness

Health care provider Aetna understandably has an interest in mental as well as physical wellbeing. Its 30-day mindfulness challenge (#Mindful30) in January 2016 enlisted the help of bloggers to share tips and help add mindfulness to daily routines.

Aetna's iTriage App puts healthcare advice in your hand

You’re on a well-earned vacation in an unfamiliar city, when your young son becomes ill - complaining of earache. What do you do? Ignore it and go to the beach or spend the day seeking out the best medical center and waiting for an appointment?

Always rethinks emojis to boost self-esteem

The Always #LikeAGirl campaign has been running for a couple of years now - aiming to change perceptions about what it means to do things “like a girl” and consequently to help the confidence of teenage girls.

Always shows we should all want to be like a girl

Most girls in the United States - 72% of them according to one study  - feel that society limits them, especially during puberty, when their confidence is already low.

Aquafina hopes its water will give you a happy body

Making the connection between drinking water and a healthy body isn’t exactly new, but this new Aquafina campaign makes a big song and dance about how drinking fresh water makes for a happy body.  

Augmedix makes Google Glass useful for healthcare

The flood of data that wearable tech will provide industries such as healthcare has real potential to improve on the quality of the job being done.

Autism speaks in Ad Council awareness campaign

Autism affects many more children than ever before - about 1 kid in 68 is on the autism spectrum these days, an increase in prevalence of more than 100% in a decade. If parents recognize the symptoms early enough and seek help, it can make a big difference to their child’s education and lifestyle.

Autodesk uses Fitbit for employee wellness

Because modern Western lifestyles, including work, are mainly sedentary - much of the population does not get enough daily exercise. The introduction of fitness tracking devices, such as Fitbit and Jawbone Up, are targeted at making people more aware of this lack in activity and providing them with the knowledge of how to stay in shape.

Aveeno encourages family pictures that aren't so perfect

In an age where opinions increasingly are formed and cemented through social media connections staged photos and parents’ posts about their perfect kids don't just project a false picture of how other families live - they can sometimes perpetuate insecurities about our own sense of wellbeing.