Gender Equality

Google's "And You" ad makes a strong diversity statement

Similar to competitors, Apple, tech giant Google has recently shifted its stance on diversity to one of active advocacy.

Holy Equal Opportunities Batman! Batgirl lobbies for Robin in equal pay PSA

TV’s most popular costumed crime fighters of the 1960s, returned to the screen in 1972 - in a public service announcement for the US Department of Labor. The mini-film features Batgirl rescuing Batman and Robin and demanding equal pay with the ‘Boy Wonder’ -  “equal pay for equal work”.  

How Accenture approaches diversity

A regular recipient of diversity-related workplace awards, the Dublin-based consultancy Accenture is a company known for its active stance on delivering an inclusive workplace.

How Gap's One Stitch Closer connected through authenticity

“Women are the fabric that holds the world together”, Gap’s 2014 campaign One Stitch Closer told us. “When a woman moves ahead, we all do.”

How I Look Like an Engineer became a rallying cry

Isis Wenger, a young platform engineer at OneLogin, describes herself as an “extreme introvert” and “science nerd”. So agreeing to be one of the faces on a series of company recruitment posters on the BART network was going to give her a public profile which may have at least stretched her comfort zone.

IBM stays flexible to help juggle life/work balance

US tech and consulting giant IBM has gone to significant lengths to position itself as a gender equal company. Thirty percent of its 433,000 employees, 26% of its senior managers and 22% of its executives are female.

Intel looks to the Maker Movement to encourage more girls into tech and computing

The fact that women are underrepresented in computer science and engineering is a familiar message, yet some of the facts behind it still come as a surprise.

Johnson & Johnson shows how to Care with Pride

Not just an excellent gay-friendly employer (according to Glassdoor’s Top 25 companies for LGBT employee’s list for 2013) Johnson & Johnson has also focused on establishing a more diverse society through sustainability marketing and communication as well.

Lego seeks to fuel girl power through #keepbuilding

Lego - the Danish toy manufacturer, whose plastic interlocking brick sets have become a global phenomenon - has faced a lot of criticism in recent years for focusing its marketing almost exclusively on boys. Then it hit back with a TV ad about a young girl and her mom.

Lego's limited edition gender play

After a little girl’s letter to Lego requesting more female figures and adventures for girls went viral at the start of 2014, the company stepped up to the plate and released a toy line called Research Institute&nbsp