Decent Work and Economic Growth

Citi looks to rebuild community trust with "human face" blog

It’s fair to say the public image of the banking sector is not exactly positive these days. 

Human Rights - Sustainly Explainer

Human Rights issues have gained awareness in recent decades as multinational companies have been pressured to address labour violations and exploitation within their supply chains.

Kellogg's shakes up its supply chain to be more sustainable

As one of the world’s largest suppliers of cereals, Kellogg’s uses a colossal amount of grain and other crops in its production. Ensuring a sustainable supply chain for those raw materials is a real challenge.

Kraft carries on what Cadbury's started with Fairtrade cocoa

When Cadbury’s entered into an agreement in 2009 to make its world famous Dairy Milk bars using Fairtrade cocoa, it was taking the step on a long path to delivering a more secure future for some of the world’s most vulnerable farmers.

Mars explains the cocoa sourcing trail

Ever wonder where chocolate comes from? Mars Inc, whose portfolio of brands includes snickers, M&Ms and more, wanted to show stakeholders where its chocolate comes from, where it’s made, how it’s certified and ultimately how it gets to your mouth.

Nestle takes Cocoa Plan to Facebook through KitKat

The world’s appetite for chocolate shows no signs of diminishing, but the supply of its core ingredient, cocoa, is insecure. Cocoa trees are fragile – they need very specific conditions to grow, which means only a few countries can produce the crop.

Nike maps its factory supply chain to demonstrate transparency

Who needs a plain old Sustainability report when you have a global manufacturing map? Nike has both.

PG Tips paying a fair picking wage

Tea is a product fraught with sustainability issues. Firstly, it is a cash crop that often displaces more urgently required food crops - leading to hunger and nutrition issues in some developing countries. Secondly, the tea pickers are prone to the fluctuations of prices in the global market, meaning that they at risk of exploitation.

Protoprint brings sustainably sourced recycled plastic to 3D printing

3D printing is set to have a big impact on all business, but it also demands a great deal of plastic. One sustainable idea is to harvest recycled plastic for 3D printing but this raises workers’ rights issues.

Russell Athletic feels student backlash for its anti union stance

In 2009, Russell Athletic  crumbled in the face of pressure from one of the largest ever student boycotts, re-opening a Honduran factory it had closed after workers had unionised.