Climate Action

AirCarbon creates plastic with a negative carbon footprint

Not many products can claim to have a negative carbon footprint, yet Newslight Technologies AirCarbon plastic has managed it.

Bank of America gets climate credibility with Quartz campaign

There was a lot of analysis of the 45th Annual World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. The theme, The New Global Context, prompted much thought about the nature of that context - hope of a post-recession spring, or the gloom of impending disaster?

Ben & Jerry's builds a climate movement

Melting ice cream provides a simple, yet dramatic, metaphor for climate change in the video for this campaign.

Climate Desk paints the big picture of climate change with YouTube video

A 30-second animation of global temperature change doesn’t sound like it has the makings of a YouTube hit - not without Taylor Swift or Katy Perry making an appearance; but this simple little video, created by Climate Desk - journal

Climate Reality Project explains the World's Easiest Decision

Most of the videos about climate change tend to appeal to our emotions or simply to our commonsense, but this series from Brooklyn-based creative agency, Mustache, in support of Al Gore’s Climate Reality Project used humor to raise awareness ahead of the 2015 Paris COP21 summit.

GE's Breakthrough with National Geographic branded content

A six-part National Geographic Channel series about science may not sound anything out of the ordinary, but Breakthrough really was a breakthrough in many ways.

Highwater Line uses art to visualize climate change

We have all seen and read the warnings about rising sea levels as temperatures increase, but it’s difficult to envision what that would mean to our own city or neighborhood.

How Climate Reality applied the pressure pre-COP21

The Climate Reality Project produced this two-minute video as an ‘open letter’ to world leaders, as they looked ahead to COP21, the UN climate change conference held in Paris in December 2015.

Ikea's 100% renewable energy goals

All companies want to reduce their carbon footprint but how they do it has varying degrees of effectiveness. Saving energy certainly is important, but producing renewable energy is better - better still if producing all of the energy you consume from green sources.