Clean Water & Sanitation

PepsiCo calls on technology to conserve water in snack food production

PepsiCo has bold sustainability goals to help protect and conserve global water supplies, especially in water-stressed areas, and partner to provide access to safe water.

Procter & Gamble pours cold water on consumer laundry behavior

Procter & Gamble’s goal is to have 70% of all machine wash loads use cold water by 2020 and to conserve water.

Puma aims high with water targets

Water use and management is high on Puma’s Materiality Matrix, along with the recognition that the greatest environmental impact is from raw material manufacturing and the supply chain.

Stella Artois wants you to buy a lady a drink in support of water charity

750 million people around the world have no access to clean water. It’s a crisis that disproportionately affects women, many of whom walk for hours every day to collect water for their family.

Unilever reduces water use in its operations but consumer behavior challenge remains

By increasing efficiencies throughout its supply chain, Unilever has reduced water abstraction in its global operations by 32% per tonne of production since 2008.

Using gravity to deliver sustainable success in irrigation

Highlighting how low-tech innovations can be just as important as their high-tech counterparts, Israel agriculture systems developer Netafim has created an irrigation system that uses no electricity but is still capable of delivering a smart-drip irrigation system.

Veolia offers editorial inspiration with #LivingCircular

#LivingCircular is an online resource by French multinational, Veolia, which aims to provide inspiration and to share ideas on sustainable models for future growth. Veolia’s work - in water, waste, energy and transport - faces a range of sustainability challenges, so this platform offers a space to share ideas and highlight some success stories.

Veolia shows how it resources the world

Veolia has been involved in water, energy and waste for 160 years. In recent years, the French transnational corporation has been keen to demonstrate its sustainability credentials, however.

Want to end desertification? Meet me at the Groassis

Desertification and the degradation of land is a huge sustainability issue, especially when considering that a loss of arable land makes it harder to grow food for an expanding population.

What's the story behind bottled water?

The Story of Bottled Water, released on March 22, 2010 (World Water Day), uses an eight-minute video to tell the story of how we got to a position where people are willing to pay for bottled water, when they have a virtually free supply in their kitchen tap.  


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