Clean Water & Sanitation

Aquafina hopes its water will give you a happy body

Making the connection between drinking water and a healthy body isn’t exactly new, but this new Aquafina campaign makes a big song and dance about how drinking fresh water makes for a happy body.  

Armani's Acqua for Life keeps on flowing

Acqua for Life is a global campaign launched in 2011 by Giorgio Armani to highlight the lack of accessible clean water in many parts of the world, and to do something about it.

Bonafont and Cemex combine to make cement out of wastewater

In Mexico, Danone’s water brand, Bonafont, has entered into an interesting recycling experiment with leading with cement manufacturer, Cemex.

California water crisis - the board game!

A new board game, California Water Crisis, suggests that tackling the state’s desperate water shortage isn’t just about conserving and distributing a severely limited resource - it’s more about voter approval.

Colgate wants teeth brushers to save water

Colgate made its Super Bowl advertising debut with a 30-second slot in the 2016 game, but instead of selling the merits of its toothpaste, it used the time to promote a message about saving water.

Dew Bank water bottle gets biomimicry inspiration from beatles

The deserts of Namibia are some of the most arid places on earth, so if something is able to survive in this harsh environment it can teach humans a thing or two about survival and intelligent design.

Do you know where your avocado is coming from?

Avocados are a superfood - richer in potassium than bananas, and with healthy levels of vitamins B, C, E and K, the fleshy green fruit has also been proven to help lower blood cholesterol levels.

Gap creates supplier standards on water use

For an apparel maker like Gap Inc., access to freshwater not only affects their own operations, it also has a direct impact on the company’s cotton suppliers.  

GE's Breakthrough with National Geographic branded content

A six-part National Geographic Channel series about science may not sound anything out of the ordinary, but Breakthrough really was a breakthrough in many ways.

How technology helps Ford meet its water goals

Back in 2009 Ford set a 2015 goal to reduce the amount of water used to make each of its vehicle by 30% globally.