Affordable and Clean Energy

PepsiCo takes a portfolio approach to reducing emissions

Targeting a 20% reduction in energy consumption per unit by 2015, PepsiCo estimated it saved around $70 million on energy costs in 2012 alone.

Philips LumiMotion knows when to turn the lights on and off

Lumimotion is a smart lighting system from Philips that uses sensors to determine optimum lighting levels for the amount of street activity.

Philips' Hue teams up with Apple for IoT energy savings

Varying light levels has the potential to reduce energy use significantly.

Plant-e delivers bulbs with a buzz

Sustainability and development have often been at odds in terms of what is good for the earth and what is good for humanity. But imagine being able to grow plants to store carbon, produce food and produce electricity all in the same land -  we would be able to deal with three of the largest sustainability issues in one swoop.

Procter & Gamble pours cold water on consumer laundry behavior

Procter & Gamble’s goal is to have 70% of all machine wash loads use cold water by 2020 and to conserve water.

Sainsbury's makes power through waste thanks to anaerobic digestion

Dumping food waste in landfill sites is environmentally dangerous for a few reasons, mostly because when it decomposes it emits gases which contribute to climate change. These gases can instead be used for heating and cooking inside our homes, made possible through a process called anaerobic digestion.

Solar charging on the move via your backpack

Stuck with a dead smartphone and no way to recharge it? Solofy is a wearable backpack that brings the capability to produce renewable energy to a personal level.

The Mister sprays cold water on AC innefficiency

Most devices in and around our homes are outdated and inefficient compared to what the latest technology can deliver. Take air conditioning units which invariable consume more electricity than new versions.

Unilever's crowdsourced lab for sustainable living

Unilever’s Sustainable Living Lab, an online collaboration platform to help the multinational achieve its very ambitious sustainability targets for 2020, is an interesting blueprint for what curated crowdsourcing could achieve if adopted on a wider scale.

Using virtual reality for oil & gas safety training

Orientation is a key part of working safely on oil rigs, in nuclear power plants and other high risk environments. This Oculus Rift emergency evacuation experience was developed for the oil and gas industry.