Affordable and Clean Energy

Light Bandit looks to shine sunlight into our homes and lives

It is a too common occurrence that while the sun is shining outside, we are inside using electricity to light the room.

Making fuel from corn waste - sustainably

Cellulosic ethanol is a fuel that can be created from the Biomass by-product of corn farming, creating an alternative for all this waste other than the compost heap. In large corn producing areas, such as the western plains states of the USA, the energy has proven to be a long elusive dream - with its predecessor, corn ethanol, proving to be detrimental to the land.

Natural ventilation? Build as termites do

Nearly twenty years old, the Eastgate centre is a combined shopping and office complex in central Harare designed by Mick Pearce. The building uses a design method that mimics that of a termites nest, which uses the unique layout to ventilate and cool the building naturally.

Nestle takes solar in house at its US headquarters

Nestle’s installation of four solar PV systems at three manufacturing bases and its US headquarters represents a significant investment in reducing the company’s dependence on fo

Nissan's Leaf campaign makes the people's case for EVs

Nissan’s Leaf, with a range of between 75 and 84 miles and capable of charging in as little time as one half hour, is one of the most user-friendly EV on the market today.

Norway's Powerhouse project points to true sustainable design

Imagine a building that actually created more energy than it consumed during its lifetime, a building that integrated renewable energy creation seamlessly into its structure without compromising its design.

P&G sets 2020 goal to fuel 30% of its global operations through renewables

Using three different renewable sources of energy on three different continents, P&G is aiming to produce 30% of its energy needs by 2020 from green sources.

PAX embraces nature's flow to reduce energy

From understanding how wind and water moves to knowing how energy can flow into central electricity grids, our understanding of flow has long been locked in a man-made and mechanical concept.

Pelamis' sea snake sought to harness energy from the waves

Scotland’s Pelamis Wave Power created an innovative method of creating renewable energy from wave power, utilising a highly mobile and flexible “sea snake”. So named for its long, slender and slithering appearance, the sea snake is able to rotate to constantly face into waves - the same way a flag changes direction in the wind.

Pepsi Challenge shines a liter of light on communities lacking electricity

Liter of Light is the latest campaign within the 2015 Pepsi Challenge - a series of consumer collaboration projects that encourage Pepsi drinkers to think differently, dream bigger, and have fun.