Affordable and Clean Energy

How solar chimneys enhance our ability to capture energy from the sun

Solar Chimneys are one of the lesser known renewable energy sources - with only a handful ever built so far.

How the detergent industry came together to promote sustainable washing

The average wash temperature in Europe is 41°C.  If everyone in the continent reduced that by just 3°, it would save more than 2,300 GWh/year, equivalent to the electricity consumption of more than 300,000 inhabitants.

HSBC sets sustainable standard with new data centers

As much as 25% of HSBC’s total energy consumption is taken up by its data centers. Instead of just accepting that energy would just be eaten up by the enormous amount of processing power the bank uses, it decided to bring together experts from each of its technology and sustainability departments.

IBM brings its smarts to buildings with Johnson Controls

IBM’s Smarter Buildings is a management system that goes beyond using sensors and metering to provide software that enables analytics to better understand where energy could be saved.

Ikea's 100% renewable energy goals

All companies want to reduce their carbon footprint but how they do it has varying degrees of effectiveness. Saving energy certainly is important, but producing renewable energy is better - better still if producing all of the energy you consume from green sources.

Intel uses Vine to tell a Winter's IoT tale

Intel technology brightens the holidays in this Christmas-themed Vine. An unlit Christmas living room scene comes to life, as tree lights and the fire are turned on via an Internet of Thing's connected tablet held in front of the camera.

Johnson & Johnson energy reduction and sustainability strategy earns kudos

New Jersey based Johnson & Johnson has proven itself to be a pharmaceutical industry leader when it comes to sustainability. A vocal advocate of a range of issues, from LGBT support to assisting cancer victim’s families, J&J has found numerous causes to support for each of its brands.

Kadi Energy offers rural recharging

With an estimated 24 million mobile phones in the country, Ghana is pretty well connected yet only 40% of the population has access to a stable supply of electricity. Kadi Energy is a US-based startup that is aiming to provide the energy to power a mobile phone to the other 60%.

KaliPAK - making renewable energy personal

Most of us have been there - we are caught out on a long car journey or we forget to pack batteries for lights when going camping. KaliPAK could save us. The size of a small suitcase, it holds enough energy to charge your smartphone more than 60 times.

Kellogg's taps into fuel cell technology for circular economy goals

Fuel cell technology creates electricity from natural gas through a chemical reaction. And while most natural gas comes in the form of fossil fuels, it is also possible to make it through a process called anaerobic combustion - where bio-material is broken down using enzymes (much the same as it does in the body) to release methane gas.