Affordable and Clean Energy

AkzoNobel makes paint cool (and sustainable)

In hot climates, a lot of energy is used to keep buildings cool, because they heat so rapidly in the baking sun. So AkzoNobel developed a paint that reflects heat - keeping the interior cooler, and minimizing the need for air con or other cooling devices.

Alstom's innovation corner

The French industrial giant has created an innovation corner to help explain its work to the general public as well as the media, NGOs and investors. Alstom uses immersive 3D animation to bring its innovation to life and has partnered with Scientific American magazine to create an editorial series around its work.

Apple hopes HomeKit becomes central to controlling your home

The HomeKit is the tech framework Apple hopes will become the digital gateway for the smart homes of the future. As a central hub for interconnectivity, the HomeKit would act as a link between the smartphone that a homeowner controls and each of the devices that monitor or control an aspect of the home.

BP gets smart with YouTube quiz

Corporate reporting has seen an injection of innovation in recent times, with big brands waking up to the fact that long, text-heavy PDF documents don’t make for particularly scintillating reading, and that engaging and interactive reports are a more effective way of relaying information.

Coen Bros "Clean Coal" spoof delivers a dirty message

A smooth-talking salesman in a suit delivers his sales pitch to camera, as he holds a “clean coal” air freshener in a spray can. "Is regular clean enough for your family?," he asks of a familiar-looking household. "Get clean coal clean." Sounds good, but when the mom sprays it around the house, black dust fills the air, and the children cough uncontrollably.

Epuron shows the Power of Wind

The wind, eh? Who needs it? It just causes damage and inconvenience. That is until someone has the bright idea of harnessing all this wasted energy to do some good. That’s the story told in this clever 2007 video from sustainable energy company epuron.

Facebook and OPower's energy saving social community

To raise awareness about energy use Facebook linked up with clean energy broker OPower and the Natural Resources Defense Council to provide the chance to “Save energy with your friends”.

Gap Inc. uses bold infographics for social report storytelling

To celebrate ten years of its CSR reporting, GAP Inc released a series of infographics, highlighting its main achievements as listed in the company’s Social and Environmental Responsibility Report.

GreenQloud aims to keep the tech sector cool

The growth of the internet, and the explosion of data that has came with it, is creating a growing carbon footprint for the ICT sector - roughly the equivalent of the aviation industry.

How graphene will transform electric vehicle charging

Graphene is pure carbon, layered one atom thick (and therefore ultra thin and lightweight) and is incredibly strong (100 times stronger than steel), however, the most interesting thing about it is what it can hold.