Adidas looks to the ocean for innovation inspiration

Adidas has unveiled a pair of sneakers it made from garbage recovered from the ocean.

Dillo dirt makes money for Austin from residential waste

Austin City council has been been collecting residents’ food waste and, using anaerobic digestion, turning it into “Dillo Dirt” since the late 1980s, a long time before environmental consciousness was at the forefront of local issues.

Edible water bottles? Don't choke on your Ooho!

  We all know plastic water bottles are environmentally damaging, so we should try to recycle them. But what would be even more sustainable than recycling? How about eating the bottles? Ooho is a new spherical form of packaging, made from seaweed, which offers an edible alternative to plastic water bottles.

Krrb puts the local back into upcycling

Krrb acts as a “hyperlocal” classifieds network where users explore what is available in their own neighborhoods. It was created by AREA 17, an interactive agency in New York City and Paris, France in 2010. Today It has a presence in 3681 cities in 125 countries. 

Plastic Bank seeks a common currency for recycling

Plastic Bank takes waste plastic and aims to convert it into a usable currency - ensuring a fixed rate for waste pickers in some of the world’s poorest and most plastic- toxicated areas. The idea has been labeled as “Social Plastic”, a term emphasising the positive sustainability aspects of the material.

Sainsbury's makes power through waste thanks to anaerobic digestion

Dumping food waste in landfill sites is environmentally dangerous for a few reasons, mostly because when it decomposes it emits gases which contribute to climate change. These gases can instead be used for heating and cooking inside our homes, made possible through a process called anaerobic digestion.

Using gravity to deliver sustainable success in irrigation

Highlighting how low-tech innovations can be just as important as their high-tech counterparts, Israel agriculture systems developer Netafim has created an irrigation system that uses no electricity but is still capable of delivering a smart-drip irrigation system.

Wecyclers offers a locally-sourced solution for tackling Lagos waste

Lagos is a city that suffers from a number of sustainability issues, chief amongst them the overwhelming amount of unmanaged waste.