Sharing Economy

Krrb puts the local back into upcycling

Krrb acts as a “hyperlocal” classifieds network where users explore what is available in their own neighborhoods. It was created by AREA 17, an interactive agency in New York City and Paris, France in 2010. Today It has a presence in 3681 cities in 125 countries. 

Lyft emphasizes the fun and sustainability in car sharing

A concept very similar to Uber, Lyft was born out of the original Zimride concept, which in turn is pretty similar to Bla Bla Car. Where these services differ is all in the pricing and social aspects.

Marriott and LiquidSpace deliver workspace on demand

How many times have you found yourself on the road fighting to meet a deadline while jostling for space and a power socket in some over-priced coffee shop?  This is where Workspace on Demand comes in -  offering a convenient, quiet and dependable mobile working environment charged for by the hour.

myTurn offers sharing economy marketplace for mundane goods

myTurn is a peer-to-peer cloud-based sharing platform that provides an asset management tracking framework and marketplace for lenders and borrowers of equipment such as tools, office furniture and sporting goods.

Pley makes sharing Lego easy

As any parent knows, kids have an insatiable desire for new toys but that desire is rarely matched by their enthusiasm to play with those toys once you’ve bought them. The result is a lot of money spent and a lot of neglected or half constructed toys.

SAP shares TwoGo for smarter commuting

The daily commute is an experience shared by millions of people around the world. But most of the time, that’s where the sharing ends - most commuters are going it alone, rather than sharing the vehicles they use, or the costs and emissions associated with car ownership.

Uber's Reward from Amex

Uber, the controversial “sharing economy” private car service, teamed up with Amex Reward Points users to allow them to collect points or use them on Uber’s services.

W Hotels shares spare office space

The premise of Desks Near Me is to match those in search of a work station with available desk space. This means that companies and individuals can rent their unused work space out or pay for space they need, at an hourly, daily, weekly or even monthly.

Walgreens and TaskRabbit combine to fight flu season

Major drugstore chain, Walgreens, and TaskRabbit, the errand-outsourcing start up, teamed up to provide a localised solution to the common cold. The collaboration enables improved remote healthcare, but also more localised economic opportunities for low-skilled workers.


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