Anglo American commits to being FutureSmart

The traditional public perception of mining probably sees it as one of the least green industries imaginable. It rips limited resources from the earth, and uses large amounts of energy to process the material and transport it.

Facebook and OPower's energy saving social community

To raise awareness about energy use Facebook linked up with clean energy broker OPower and the Natural Resources Defense Council to provide the chance to “Save energy with your friends”.

KaliPAK - making renewable energy personal

Most of us have been there - we are caught out on a long car journey or we forget to pack batteries for lights when going camping. KaliPAK could save us. The size of a small suitcase, it holds enough energy to charge your smartphone more than 60 times.

Light Bandit looks to shine sunlight into our homes and lives

It is a too common occurrence that while the sun is shining outside, we are inside using electricity to light the room.

Plant-e delivers bulbs with a buzz

Sustainability and development have often been at odds in terms of what is good for the earth and what is good for humanity. But imagine being able to grow plants to store carbon, produce food and produce electricity all in the same land -  we would be able to deal with three of the largest sustainability issues in one swoop.

Plastic Bank seeks a common currency for recycling

Plastic Bank takes waste plastic and aims to convert it into a usable currency - ensuring a fixed rate for waste pickers in some of the world’s poorest and most plastic- toxicated areas. The idea has been labeled as “Social Plastic”, a term emphasising the positive sustainability aspects of the material.

Samsung taps into crowdsourcing for IP ideas

Marblar is a crowdsourced product-development platform that was established to find commercial uses for thousands of “dead”(i.e unused) patents and scientific research languishing in universities and research labs around the world. Marblar’s online community is drawn from over 100 countries.

Siemens looks to the future of innovation with influencers

Future Influencers was a global think-tank of young environmentally-minded professionals, who collaborate online to discuss and debate issues around sustainability. 

Solar charging on the move via your backpack

Stuck with a dead smartphone and no way to recharge it? Solofy is a wearable backpack that brings the capability to produce renewable energy to a personal level.

The Mister sprays cold water on AC innefficiency

Most devices in and around our homes are outdated and inefficient compared to what the latest technology can deliver. Take air conditioning units which invariable consume more electricity than new versions.