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Harnessing and storing renewable sources like wind and solar along with a new generation of smart, connected Fridges, freezers and washing machines could help the UK save up to £8bn a year.

Samarco, the mining joint venture between Anglo-Australian mining giant BHP Billiton and Brazil’s Vale will settle a £1.6bn claim in the wake of the November 2015 dam disaster that left people 17 dead and two missing, The Daily Telegraph...

Could the landmark privacy/national security battle taking place between Apple and the US government have been avoided (or at least delayed) if the FBI had known how to use an iPhone? Potentially yes according to testimony from James B....

Every car driver learns by making mistakes and it appears the same is true for driverless cars. This week one of Google’s driverless fleet had a fender bender with a bus while navigating the streets of Mountain View, California, near Google’s HQ, the BBC writes.


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