Why sport needs to align with the UN Global Goals

Increasingly, the world of sport is being asked to address and play a leadership role on a host of sustainability issues, whether it be social concerns around gender equality and inclusion or environmental topics such as climate change or the use of plastic.

Such is the importance of sustainable sport we at Sustainly recently created a dedicated Sustainly Sport practice to help organisations understand and implement the UN Global Goals.

The starting point for that work is our introductory Masterclass Workshop aimed at sports organsiations who want to understand and implement the UN Global Goals.

The Sport 101 Workshop is a one-day masterclass designed to help anyone involved in sport understand how the UN Global Goals impact sport and how they can be used to build the future and make a difference to society and business.

It covers: how Fans, Brands and Investors are driving change; how business as usual is fast becoming an endangered species; how sport can and is demonstrating authenticity to win trust; and how the UN Global Goals can be used as a framework to protect reputation.

We believe that sports organisations that align themselves with the UN Global Goals will be extremely relevant to all audiences including sponsors, partners, consumers, customers, investors.

The Goals will create an estimated $11 trillion in value for the companies that get their priorities right and communicate their work effectively to investors, consumers and governments.

The Sport 101 Workshop is part of the Sustainly Sport Academy which offers a wide range of workshops and e-learning.

Each workshop is bespoke and is crafted from the Sustainly Intelligence Engine with over 1,500 Case Studies of brands that are tying themselves to society by championing sustainability issues - such as gender and racial equality, young female self-esteem and mental health - and embracing the UN Global Goals.