Trust Inc. - How Business Gains Respect in a Social Media Age



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We are entering the age of sustainability – a business era where every company, big and small, must adapt their ways of doing business to meet the realities of climate change, a finite supply of natural resources, evolving attitudes about inequality, increasing digitisation and automation. At the same time companies must meet the demands of consumers as they adjust to this rapidly changing way of life. Supercharging this change in consumer behaviour is social media – a communications revolution that is democratised and disrupting society in ways never seen before.

In this book, Sustainly founder Matthew Yeomans explains why embracing sustainability is key to helping companies articulate their sense of purpose (and their reason to exist) in a world where social media is eroding trust in all institutions. The book shows how social media has made sustainability a mainstream concern for all society; how it compelled companies to be more authentic and accountable in their actions and how it will continue to shape how companies communicate the importance of sustainability to all of society.

This book is a powerful guide for both communication and marketing professionals in business, especially Fortune 500, FTSE 250 companies and agencies, on how to use social media to communicate with their audiences and stakeholders in an authentic way. It is also a guide/text book for the growing field of sustainability communication in higher education.

You can read excerpts by clicking on the links below.

Table of Contents

Introduction - Why Companies Must Take a Stand in Times of Crisis

Part 1 The social age

1 A short history of social media

2 How social media made sustainability mainstream

3 Learning to listen after a century of shouting

Part 2 The trust factors

4 Collaboration and the power of the crowd

5 Radical transparency

6 Leaders needed

7 Empower and educate

8 Inspiring behaviour change

Part 3 The know-how

9 How to show not tell

10 The social network effect

11 How to save the sustainability report

12 Global goals for winning trust



Praise for Trust Inc.

Yeomans’ deep knowledge and experience of how social media has shaped modern society makes his argument for transparent and authentic sustainability communication all the more compelling.

Thomas Kolster – author of the internationally acclaimed book, Goodvertising, and one of the world’s leading thinkers on the future of good business.

If you’re concerned about how you stay relevant and win the trust and respect of customers, consumers and citizens in the 21st century, Yeomans’ book is essential reading.  (And if you’re not concerned about it, you’re probably not paying enough attention.)

Dave Coplin – CEO at The Envisioners Ltd and author of Rise of the Humans

Yeomans draws on his wealth of experience both as a journalist and a sustainability expert to explain, with clear and illuminating business examples, exactly how companies can contribute to society and their bottom line at the same time.

James Ledbetter – editor of Inc. magazine and author of One Nation Under Gold.