Ignore sustainability at your peril UN warns brands

That’s the message from Aaron Sherinian, the chief marketing and communications officer for the United Nations Foundation. In an interview with The Drum he cautions that brands no longer ignore global social issues and pretend it doesn’t affect their business. “Silence on social issues could be the kiss of death for brands, especially [if you look at] the way that young customers are engaging with them right now. They're going to vote at the cash register,” he tells The Drum.

Hinkley Point to get go ahead?

That’s the almost confirmed news coming out of Paris this morning ahead of the key EDF board meeting over whether to proceed with the £18n Hinkley Point nuclear power station. Hinkley Point C should provide 7% of the UK’s electricity once it goes online in 2025 and should last for 60 years, writes the Guardian. Critics still contend the plan should be scrapped. ““Every time EDF has tried to build a reactor like Hinkley, it has failed. There isn’t a shred of evidence that Hinkley can be built on time or on budget, and if it hits the same problems as its predecessors, it can’t be relied on to keep the lights on in the UK,” Greenpeace says.

Yale declares sustainability a megatrend for the 21st century

Over at Clean Technica Yale University explains why it believes sustainability will be a megatrend for the 21st Century. Ahead of the first Yale Sustainable Leadership Forum, the university argues that sustainability “integrates concepts that in the 20th Century were considered in isolation. No longer can we celebrate a strong economy if the environment is in decline.” The Forum takes place from September 21 - 23 at Yale University.

The sustainability revolution in US farming

“Sustainable farming has taken root among farmers of roughly half of the U.S. row-crop acreage.” That’s how big the movement by US farmers to embrace sustainable growing techniques has become - driven in no small part by consumer pressure on the major brands farmers sell to. Green biz reports on the growth of SUSTAIN, a sustainable farming program for farmers created in conjunction with the Environmental Defense Fund. Farmers supplying General Mills, Unilever, Campbell Soup, Smithfield Foods, and Kellogg all use SUSTAIN it writes and the effect is profound. “According to EDF, 15 food companies representing about 30 percent of the U.S. food and beverage market are committed to the program, particularly on efficient fertilizer use,” Greenbiz writes.

Dove calls out media for sexist sports coverage

Finally today, ahead of the Olympics, Dove has launched the latest installment of its female self-esteem commitment - a series of digital interactive billboards that “stream live commentary about female athletes' looks to showcase how often the discussion is focused on their appearance versus their performance,” Adweek writes. Dove has also launched a hub on its site encouraging people to Tweet out at media outlets "whose coverage perpetuates this negativity.”

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