China hits peak coal

China’s coal addiction as it powered an economic revolution always posed a huge climate change risk. Now economists say in a new report that the country may have reached “peak coal” - its coal consumption topped out in 2014 and has been falling since reports the Guardian. One of the authors of the report, Sir Nicholas Stern, calls the fall in coal consumption a real turning point, noting: “I think historians really will see [the coal peak of] 2014 as a very important event in the history of the climate and economy of the world.”

A chunk of John West tuna removed by Tesco over sustainability concerns

Tesco has removed 20% of John West tuna products from its shelves in the UK after the food company failed to meet the major retailer’s sustainability standards, the Independent reports. Tesco has a policy to only stock pole and line caught tuna. John West was not able to match those commitments with all its product but Tesco says it is “working with John West on a plan for these remaining lines to be converted to sustainable tuna sources as soon as possible.”

Google calls on its DeepMind to cut energy use 

In what Google describes a "phenomenal step forward" the tech giant has employed artificial intelligence (AI) to achieve a 40 percent reduction in the amount of electricity needed for cooling at its data centers, Verge reports. Google used its DeepMind AI technology to analyze fans, cooling systems and some 120 other variables in the data centers. It then “worked out the most efficient methods of cooling by analyzing data from sensors among the server racks, including information on things like temperatures and pump speeds.”

The content creators who rule the world

Well something like that. Adweek looks at some of the most dynamic and in-demand content creators and strategists working in the fields of media and advertising. Stars of YouTube, BuzzFeed, RadioLab and even the White House feature in this cool list.

Through the eyes of a refugee

Finally today, BBC Media Action has made this video experience recreating what it’s like to be a refugee fleeing Afghanistan and Syria and trying to reach Europe. Take a look - it’s powerful stuff.

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