Is Tesla gunning for Uber?

Much digital ink has already been spilled over Elon Musk’s updated vision for his companies aka the “Master Plan Part Deux” blog post. There will be new EV models including a pick up truck and major growth in battery infrastructure. Possibly the most intriguing nugget of Musk wisdom, however, came in the form of his plan to launch a Tesla ride-share fleet of vehicles, Quartz reports. As Musk wrote, “In cities where demand exceeds the supply of customer-owned cars, Tesla will operate its own fleet, ensuring you can always hail a ride from us no matter where you are.” So, notes Quartz: “Tesla will make cars. Tesla will sell cars. Tesla will also manage ride-hailing cars. Even Uber—whose $62.5 billion valuation is largely staked on the self-driving future—hasn’t made its vision that clear yet.”

Ferrovial employees at risk of prosecution for crimes against humanity?

By taking over the management of Australia’s offshore immigration detention facilities on the islands of Nauru and Manus Spanish multinational Ferrovial is putting its employees under threat of prosecution for crimes against humanity. That’s the warning from a new report by international law experts at Stanford University the Guardian reports. The report “advises Ferrovial to immediately cease all operations at the two camps, and urges its financiers and shareholders to withdraw their support for the Spanish company if it refused to do so,” the Guardian writes.

BHS report damning of Sir Philip Green and Goldman Sachs

Iconic UK retailer Sir Philip Green is on the receiving end this morning of a damning indictment into his business practices in the wake of the BHS debacle. A report by UK parliamentary MPs finds that the “the billionaire former owner of BHS, extracted large sums and left the business on ‘life support’”, the BBC reports. Goldman Sachs, UK law firm Olswang and accountancy firm Grant Thornton are also criticised for their roles in the sale of BHS from Green (whose knighthood is now under review) to new owner Dominic Chappell in March 2015. Within 12 months of the sale BHS was forced to close. For his part Chappell was branded "out of his depth" and "over-optimistic to the point of arrogance" by MPs.

Will Jamie Oliver’s reputation be hit by frozen chicken partnership?

News now that Jamie Oliver is partnering with Sadia, a division of the Brazilian food giant BRF Brazil, on a new range of frozen pre-prepared chicken products. Oliver says the alliance, worth £11.5m, will help him make a “lasting change on a large scale” in Brazil but The Daily Telegraph quotes food experts in the country who question his decision. “Sadia is a chain linked to intensive production. [Oliver] has betrayed the narrative that he has built,” a professor at the School of Nutrition at the University of Brasília told the Telegraph.

Persado gets $30m funding for AI copywriting

Finally today, if you’re an advertising copywriter you might want to put down Pokemon Go and listen up. Goldman Sachs just invested $30 million in Persado, the startup whose artificial intelligence software aims to create smart, human-free copy for advertising and marketing campaigns. “Persado’s clients include American Express, Vodafone, eBay and Expedia and claim they have experienced a 68.4 per cent improvement on click-through rates in marketing material,” Campaign reports.

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