When it's too hot to work

New scientific research suggests that rising global temperatures will make it harder for workers to do their jobs, particularly in the world’s poorest economies, Quartz reports. The study looked at potential GDP losses due to heat-related stress for 43 countries using environmental data and computer models. It noted construction and farming work will be hit hard. India and China combined stand to lose $450 billion in output by 2030, the study projects.

Starbucks tries its hand at recyclable cups

Coffee and other soft drinks retailers have long had a sustainability achilles heel - the amount of disposable cups they rely on to serve their customers. That could change after Starbucks announced it will trial a fully recyclable cup in its UK stores. As the Guardian reports, only one in 400 paper coffee cups are currently recycled in the UK. 

Organic Valley takes consumers back to the farm

Another day, another food company looks to connect with the growing army of sustainability-concerned consumers. The New York Times reports on a sustainability marketing revamp by Organic Valley, the largest cooperative of organic farmers in the United States, as it seeks to appeal people’s increasing interest in “transparency in the supply chain and to know where food comes from.” The initiative includes stories about its member farmers, recipes and even organised farm visits to help consumers understand the “authenticity” of the food they are buying.

Heineken's game to brew a better world

Hot on the heels of its spoken word sustainability report Heineken USA has released another way for regular folk to learn about its sustainability activities over the past 12 months. As Sustainable Brands writes, the brewer has launched the “Brewing a Better World Digital Experience”, a series of interactive online games where users “steer a ship efficiently to reduce emissions, recycle empty bottles and cans in a bar, and make the rounds at a music festival while staying hydrated before safely taking a cab home.” Heinken USA has even built a bit of gamesmanship for itself into the experience. If 1,000 people play the game the company will donate up to $50,000 to the Closed Loop Foundation.

Can VR boost sales?

Finally today, here’s a study that reckons consumers will be more likely to buy from a brand that uses Virtual Reality. The survey of 1,300 adults found that 71% thought VR made a brand seem “forward thinking and modern,” Adweek reports. We bet you’re wondering who conducted the research? A VR consultancy of course.

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