UK and Germany branded climate change failures

The UN’s climate change envoy has accused the UK and Germany of backtracking on the “spirit” of their Paris climate change commitments by financing the fossil fuel industry through subsidies, the Guardian reports. Mary Robinson criticised both nations after “Germany promised compensation for coal power and the UK provided tax breaks for oil and gas.”

The climate change ad that was too hot for Fox

As the Republican National Convention kicks off (perhaps in more ways than one) in Cleveland, Ohio, Huffington Post reports on a media brouhaha over at Fox News after it rejected an advert that criticised the network’s coverage of climate change. The ad, produced by Fenton Communications and the environmental group Friends of the Earth, depicted a fake Fox News anchor reporting on extreme weather events as the newsroom slowly floods. The ad ends with this question: “What will it take for Fox News to admit humans are changing the climate?” According to Friends of the Earth US, the ad aimed to “call out the nefarious role Fox News plays by keeping its audience confused about the climate threat to the country and world.”

The bank too big to jail

That would be HSBC according to a new report into the bank’s 2012 settlement with the Department of Justice over accusations that it laundered nearly $900 million for drug traffickers and processed transactions countries that were subject to United States sanctions. The report, prepared by the Republican staff of the House Financial Services Committee, found that the Justice Department’s leadership overruled an internal recommendation to prosecute HSBC. The reason, writes The New York Times, was because of concerns “that prosecuting the bank ‘could result in a global financial disaster.’”

Starbucks on first name terms with Black Lives Matter

“Black Lives Matter” is already known globally as a rallying cry against police brutality but its supporters aren’t about to let any opportunity to spread the word pass it by. Huffington Post reports how some Starbucks customers are giving their name as “Black Lives Matter” when ordering a drink so that the baristas (who always refer to a customer’s first name) have to yell out their new moniker. 

Celebrating the Paralympics in style

Finally today Adweek reports on a “joyous, awesomely over-the-top” three-minute musical film made by UK’s Channel Four to promote its upcoming coverage of the Paralympic Games in Rio. The video celebrates disabled athletes and non-athletes competing in sports and just living their lives whether it be ballroom dancing, raising their kids or even flying planes. As Adweek puts it: “Channel 4 pulls out all the stops, as well as a a few prosthetic limbs.”


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