What went wrong with Obama's clean coal plan?

In a major investigation The New York Times unpicks the debacle of the Kemper coal plant in Mississippi, once touted as a visionary way of realising “clean coal” and now a major black eye for the Obama administration’s climate plan. Years after being commissioned the plant is still way behind schedule and is dogged by scandal - the focus of a Securities and Exchange Commission investigation and lawsuits by state ratepayers. “The mismanagement is particularly egregious, [lawmakers ] say, given the urgent need to rein in the largest source of dangerous emissions around the world: coal plants.”

iPhone app to boost organ donations

The next iPhone operating system will come with an added option for its Health app - a one-touch ability to enroll with Donate Life America, the non-profit that promotes organ donation Engadget reports. The initiative was driven from the top down after Apple CEO Tim Cook saw at first hand the challenges a close fried faced waiting for a new liver. The iPhone feature follows a similar initiative by Facebook that allows members to sign up for donation via their timelines. 

UN channels Spice Girls to promote SDGs

Twenty years after the Spice Girls hit the big time with "Wannabe" the United Nations is reinventing the anthem to champion female self-esteem and its Sustainable Development Goals, ABC News in Australia reports. Through the Project Everyone awareness campaign, the iconic “girl power” song and video has been reimagined through performers from Nigeria, South Africa, Sri Lanka, India and the UK "dancing in front of signs and murals spelling out some of the SDG goals." As original Spice Girl Melanie C tweeted: “Flattered and honoured that our crazy song is being used so beautifully."

X-Box avatars get more inclusive

Microsoft will soon offer wheelchair avatar characters as an option for Xbox Live, Digiday reports. The diversity move to be more inclusive for disabled players comes after one Xbox fan Tweeted the suggestion to the company. Microsoft joins “a growing list of brands, like Lego and Tommy Hilfiger, in becoming inclusive to disabilities,” Digiday notes.

Carlsberg’s safe drinking vuvuzela 

Finally today, the vuvuzela has received a mixed reception from fans ever since the horn first came to fame at the 2010 World Cup. Now, for Euro 2016, Carlsberg and CP&B Scandinavia have reimagined the vuvuzlea as a breathalyzer to help promote wellness and responsible drinking. “The ‘Breathalyzela’ will only play its notorious tune if the user's alcohol level is below the binge drinking limit,” Creativity reports.  


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