Should Big Tech pay to help San Francisco’s have-nots?

The tech boom has transformed San Francisco in recent years - the starkest example being skyrocketing real estate prices that have displaced lower income families. Now community activists and three legislators are pushing for a new city “payroll tax that would apply only to technology companies” and could help fill the gaps in the city's budget The New York Times reports. While the tax proposal is unlikely to be enacted its supporters hope “the proposal sends a message to tech companies that they should be paying more to mitigate the repercussions of the boom in their sector,” the NYT writes.

Customer service is really try to annoy you

Have you ever had the feeling that a company’s tech support is deliberately trying to make life difficult for you? Well, according to another New York Times report, you’d be right. It explains how in one customer management study, “92 percent of customer service managers said their agents could be more effective and 74 percent said their company procedures prevented agents from providing satisfactory experiences.” That means there’s no point trying to talk to a supervisor when things get too much. “You’re just going to get transferred to another agent who has been alerted ahead of time that you have come unhinged,” the NYT writes.

Rio’s safe sex and sustainability condom plan

With the Rio Olympics just a month away Brazil’s government has unveiled plans to distribute some 9 million condoms in a campaign that will both encourage safe sex and also help protect the Amazon rainforest the Globe and Mail reports. That’s because the condoms are made from “latex gathered from Amazon rubber trees by tappers who are employed by a government-run program designed to protect their traditional livelihood, foster sustainable use of the rainforest and deter illegal loggers.”

Make love not war at the Euros

Meanwhile in France, HIV awareness group Aides has launched what Creativity calls a ‘risqué” sustainability advertising campaign to promote safe sex and spread harmony through the Euro 2016 football tournament. Creativity writes: “Print, digital and outdoor ads depict naked fans painted in the colors of the different countries' flags - but with each couple sporting smears of each others' paint in some unmistakably suggestive places.” Very Impressionistic no?

Will old folks kill Snapchat?

Finally today, as adults start flocking to use Snapchat will teenagers abandon the platform? That’s the question posed by the Wall Street Journal (paywall alert) as new data suggests that 14% of US smartphone users aged 35 or older now use the platform. 

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