Why Big Oil needs to wake up to climate change

Some of the biggest oil companies could go under “if they do not address the risks created by climate change and invest more in renewable energy.” That’s the warning from former BP boss Lord Browne in an interview with the Financial Times (paywall protected). Pointing to the travails of Peabody Energy, the world’s biggest private sector coal company, which just filed for bankruptcy protection, Browne told the FT: "If society is saying it is time to change our energy mix, I do think the big players should be involved in the change. If they are not involved in that change in a productive way, they will be made to do so.”

Ikea recalls Malm chest of drawers in the US

Swedish furniture retailer Ikea is recalling 29 million chests of drawers across North America after three children died in accidents, the BBC reports. As well as the deaths the Malm standing furniture has been involved in 41 tip-over incidents resulting in 17 injuries to children between the ages of 19 months and 10 years old. Consumers who own a Malm “can choose between a refund or a free wall-anchoring repair kit,” the BBC writes but not if you are in the UK or Europe as the recall only applies to North America.

Why advertising needs to lead on the circular economy

It’s time for the advertising industry and stand up, flex its muscles, and help society adapt to a more sustainable way of living and work. That’s the call to arms in the Guardian from Andy Ridley, CEO of social enterprise Circular Economy. Back in 2007 Ridley launched the Earth Hour climate change campaign. Now, as he looks to mobilise business and society around the circular economy, Ridley sees a sustainability marketing role for the $579bn (£437bn) global advertising industry. “Who sold us Malboro, who made us smoke?” he tells the Guardian. “Marketeers are talented people, these are some of the most creative people on the planet. We need them to be part of this change.”

Nestle and Mondelez boost sustainable supply chain

The sustainable food juggernaut continues to pick up speed as more and more major food companies ramp up their sustainable business efforts, Edie.net reports. It examines the recent sustainability reports of Nestle and Mondelez and highlights their work in improving sourcing of raw materials and supply chain transparency to drive positive change, reduce deforestation and improve human rights. However, Edie.net also notes that neither company were considered part of “22 'frontrunners' of sustainable sourcing” in WWF’s new Slow Road to Sustainability report.  

Carver combines with Bureo for skateboarding with purpose

Finally today, news out of California that pioneering skateboard company, Carver, is combining with Bureo, who make skateboard decks from discarded fish nets, to create a new signature “Ahi” board. Given Carver’s appeal both to skateboarders and surfers, the collaboration is likely to further boost Bureo’s reputation as an enterprise offering skateboarding with purpose. As Carver writes on its own blog, “Each [Ahi] board prevents 50 square feet of harmful fishing net waste from entering the ocean and causing collateral damage.”

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