Brexit puts the brakes on UK investment

A new survey of UK companies suggests that 25% intend to freeze recruitment in the wake of the Brexit vote while two thirds believe it is bad for their business, the BBC reports. The survey, conducted by the Institute of Directors among 1000 of its members, is one of the first barometers of business sentiment since Friday’s referendum in the UK. One notable sector that has taken immediate action appears to be financial services. Both HSBC and Morgan Stanley have moved jobs out of London to mainland Europe in the last few days amid concerns that Brexit will jeopardise the current “passport” arrangement that “allows banks to do business across Europe without separate authorisation for individual countries,” the BBC writes.

Gas Guzzlers get back in the fast lane

Remember when high oil prices were jump-starting a fuel-efficient car and electric vehicle revolution in America? According to the New York Times all those good intentions have been replaced by a new thirst for gas guzzling SUVs, cars and pickup trucks. “So far this year, nearly 75 percent of the people who have traded in a hybrid or electric car to a dealer have replaced it with an all-gas car, an 18 percent jump from 2015,” it writes.

The food class divide

America as a whole is improving its national diet - swapping sugary foods for more grains, fruits, nuts and seeds. But the quality of people’s eating habits is very much dependent on their economic and social standing, the Washington Post reports citing a new Journal of the American Medical Association study. It explains: “The authors found that the share of American adults in or near poverty with poor diets declined from 68 percent in 2003 and 2004 to 61 percent in 2011 and 2012. Yet for affluent adults, the share eating poorly declined even more, from 50 percent to 36 percent over the same period.”

Can Walmart combat food waste?

From diet to food waste now and Guardian Sustainable Business reports how Walmart now “requires suppliers of its private label Great Value line of products to use a standardized date label for its non-perishable foods.” Walmart’s initiative is prompted by research that shows “confusion over date labels – such as “best by”, ‘use by’ and ‘sell by’ – can often muddy the water for consumers looking to make sure they’re not eating expired or unsafe food.” It can also cause consumers to throw food away prematurely GSB writes.

REI wins Top Prize

Finally today, hot on the heels of its success in the Cannes Lion Promo & Activation category, REI’s #OptOutside campaign has won the Grand Prix prize in the festival's final Titanium Lions category, Adweek reports. As jury president and BBH founder Sir John Hegarty explained: "We loved it because it took Black Friday, this day when people are driven to spend even more money, and REI decided to do the opposite and close their stores, asking everyone and their staff to go outside and have a good time.” 

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