Facebook offers tools for those who feel a friend may be suicidal

Facebook has introduced tools to make it easier for people to help friends who post messages about suicide or self-harm, The New York Times reports. With the new features, people can flag friends’ posts that they consider suicidal; the posts will be reviewed by a team at the social network, who will then provide language to communicate with the person who is at risk, as well as information on suicide prevention. The step is seen as the biggest by a major tech company to incorporate suicide prevention tools into its platform. The timing coincides with a rise in suicides in the US to a 30-year high. The increase has been particularly steep among women and middle-aged Americans.

London mayor plans to ban negative body image ads on public transportation

London’s recently-elected mayor, Sadiq Khan, is to fulfil his election promise to ban ads promoting negative body images across the city’s public transportation network, Transport for London (TfL), from next month.  He had pledged to outlaw ads promoting "unhealthy or unrealistic" body images, if elected. The BBC reports that the ban will apply to trains, buses and the subway system, known to Londoners as “the Tube”. The issue was highlighted by a series of Protein World "beach body ready" posters, which were defaced in Tube stations and prompted a petition. However the UK’s Advertising Standards Agency (ASA) watchdog later ruled the ad depicting a bikini-clad female model was neither offensive nor irresponsible.  Khan said: "As the father of two teenage girls, I am extremely concerned about this kind of advertising which can demean people, particularly women, and make them ashamed of their bodies. It is high time it came to an end."

Raspberry Pi manufacturer agrees sale

Premier Farnell, the UK company which makes the low-cost Raspberry Pi mini-computer, has agreed to sell itself for £615m ($870) to the Swiss industrial components manufacturer Dätwyler, The Guardian reports. The credit card-sized computer was designed to encourage young people to get into coding, and sells for around £20 ($28). Premier signed a deal with Sony in 2012 to manufacture the Raspberry Pi in the UK, at Sony’s factory in Bridgend, Wales. The Pi was developed by the not-for-profit Raspberry Pi Foundation and until then had been manufactured in China.

Tasty videos with a disgusting twist highlight importance of clean water

Dirty water kills more people around the world than war and all types of violence combined, and   663 million people have to live without clean water. Adweek reports on how Charity: Water and Buzzfeed have joined with DigitasLBi to produce a series of Tasty recipe videos with a twist – instead of clean tap water, they add polluted water, to create a revolting and dangerous dish. Charity: Water's brand content lead Tyler Riewer, said the idea was to "catch people in an everyday moment and bring people into reality. Each of these videos unpacks what it looks like to have dirty water as a part of your life."

Shoppers are the real challenge to M&S’s sustainability ambitions

Finally today, Marks & Spencer’s sustainability director, Mike Barry, explains in an interview with Business Green, why the UK-based retailer needs to get its customers thinking green before it can become a truly sustainable business. Nine years and three chief executives since M&S launched its Plan A initiative on eco and ethical targets, the company is seen as a leader in the field, with zero net carbon emissions for four consecutive years, all electricity for its UK and Ireland stores sourced from renewable energy, and none of its operational waste from stores, warehouses and offices going to landfill.  However, further progress needs customers to get onboard. Barry said: "What M&S is saying is: ‘We'll do 90% of the work - factories, fridges, palm oil - we'll get on with that. But the remaining 10% we'll make easier for you to join us in the journey. We trust you to do the right thing and to help us understand this complex issue and deliver it with us'."


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