Newsweek's Top Green companies

Shire PLC, Reckitt Benckiser, BT Group, Swisscom and Essilor International. Not all these companies are household names but they are the top five companies on Newsweek’s new Green Rankings. The list is based on research from Corporate Knights and HIP (Human Impact + Profit) Investor Inc., and this year’s project features “eight key performance indicators that are used to assess and measure the environmental performance of the world’s largest publicly traded companies,” Newsweek writes. Nike, Unilever, Sky, Siemens and Schneider Electric fill out the top 10.

The AK-47 rebrand

You may know it as the manufacturer of one of the most effective killing machines the world has ever produced but now Kalashnikov, maker of the AK-47, is looking to rebrand, The New York Times reports. Faced by US sanctions over Russia’s involvement in the Ukraine conflict, Kalashnikov couldn’t furnish the needs of foreign militaries and militant groups. Instead it has relaunched as a leisure brand for gun hobbyists and hunters in Russia. Which is kinda more sustainable.

Guess who just got wealthier?

The already super-wealthy, that’s who. The Guardian reports that new millionaires in the fast-growing economies of China and India “helped to push global private wealth to $168tn (£115tn) in 2015.” That’s a 5.2% increase in wealth among the world’s richest individuals. Notably this growth in millionaires occurred even as global economic growth stalled notes the Guardian.

McDonald’s experiments with a bold plan - fresh beef in burgers

Hoping to take advantage of the growing demand for freshly made food, McDonald’s has been trialling fresh beef patties at 14 of its restaurants Quartz reports. Using fresh ingredients might not sound like rocket science for a food company but that’s not how McD’s has done things in the past, preferring instead to flash freeze beef patties in order to meet the scale of its operations. But, as Quartz writes, “Consumers have been putting a premium on fresh menu options. That trend, along with increased interest in local and organic choices, ushered Chipotle Mexican Grill into its initial success, and has manifested itself in many other restaurants since.” Hey, this could be as big as the all-day breakfast.

Understanding dark posts

Finally today, we try to keep up with marketing jargon so you don’t have to. Thanks to Digiday we now know what dark posts are. The term refers to editorial that “give marketers a way to promote content that they don’t have to host on their own public profiles for the whole world to see.” Still in the dark? Read more here.

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