The world agrees how to report food waste

Global nations have agreed a new international framework for reporting food waste at the Global Green Growth Forum in Copenhagen The Grocer reports. The Food Loss and Waste Accounting and Reporting Standard will define how governments report on levels of food waste and will help countries and companies quantify how much food is lost. With nearly one third of all food currently being wasted the new standard could offer the measurement framework that will help tackle the problem. 

The Cliff Notes Mary Meeker Internet Trends

Every year analyst Mary Meeker releases her Internet Trends report packed full of insight and data around digital change. But at 213 pages it’s a bit of a slog to be honest. Thanks then to Altimeter Group who have created a condensed digestible version here. Their conclusions: “Slowing growth, combined with continued atomization of delivery channels and technologies, combined with the erasure of categories (brand, product, delivery) is both a blessing and a curse to organizations built on fundamental assumptions about the relationship between company, product and customer.” It’s going to be an interesting but bumpy ride.

Can marketing make America healthier?

That’s what First Lady Michelle Obama writes in an Adweek op-ed looking back at her time as an advocate for healthy eating. She advocates greater advertising resource be put towards educating and inspiring kids about food and cites the success of FNV (fruits’n veggies) a campaign from Partnership for a Healthier America that in one year has received 1 billion media impressions and had a positive effect on 70 percent of people who saw the campaign. “We all know that advertising works, so we figured, why shouldn't fruits and vegetables get in on the action?” Obama writes.

The sustainable urban living book for kids

News now of an addition to a much-need form of literature - kids books that demonstrate a sustainable future. Fast Company reports on the publication of Bicycles, Airships, and Things That Go, a new illustrated book by A.B. Thorpe. Kids love books that feature forms of transport but most are quite dated: “Thomas the Tank Engine runs on coal,” notes Fast Company. With this new book the heroes go on an adventure in an urban world fit for the future.

When a magazine is no longer beholden to advertisers

Finally today, news that Prevention magazine, a health and wellness publication aimed at the more mature generation, is ditching advertising in an attempt to cut costs and carve itself a sustainable future through greater editorial freedom. Of course to stay afloat the magazine must double its subscription price - a risky strategy to say the least - but its editor believes it will retain readers and grow through “controversial stories” on topics such as medical errors, toxic cosmetics and the anti-aging industry, the New York Times reports. Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks?


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