Norway wants to ban all petrol powered cars by 2025

Death to the internal combustion engine. That’s the message coming out of Norway after “politicians from both sides of the political spectrum…reportedly reached some concrete conclusions about 100 per cent of Norwegian cars running on green energy by 2025,” the Independent reports. Norway is joining The Netherlands and India in proposing an all EV driving culture and it might have the best chance of enacting it given that 25% of all new cars sold there already are electric.The pending legislation certainly made one electric vehicle advocate happy. "What an amazingly awesome country. You guys rock!!" Tesla CEO Elon Musk tweeted.

Mcity state of mind

You’ve probably never heard of Mcity and that’s exactly what the auto industry wants. In the automotive and technology arms race to create a fully-functioning and safe driverless vehicle car companies are building life-like test tracks in facilities such as Mcity in Ann Arbor, Michigan. The aim is  “to create the perfect self-driving car — and to keep their competitors from knowing how they are doing it,” The New York Times reports. As they do so they face a daunting challenge: “how to take that technology, with all its promise, and make those cars perform flawlessly in an unpredictable world,” it adds.

Chile producing too much renewable energy

First Germany had to give away electricity for free because it was generating so much renewable energy and now Chile finds itself in the same situtation. In parts of the country, electricity “spot prices plummeted to zero on 113 days in the first four months of this year,” Christian Science Monitor reports. It notes: “While this is a boon for consumers, it is clearly an unsustainable model for the power industry. As Chile grapples with some unique circumstances, the struggle also reflects a broader trend across the globe, as governments, citizens and companies alike seek a sustainable path toward cleaner energy.”

Grey Toronto wins advertising award for anti-gun ad

In a notable nod for sustainability marketing Grey Toronto has won a Grand Effie award for its "Groceries Not Guns" campaign that targeted the nation's top grocery chain, Kroger, “and its policy allowing firearms in stores in states that have open-carry laws,” Adweek reports. 

Sustainly at Sustainable Brands

Finally today, a bit of Sustainly housekeeping. We’ll be attending and speaking at the always excellent Sustainable Brands San Diego conference this week. So, while there will be a Take 5 each day, it will probably be published in the am PST rather than the normal GMT. Hey, everyone needs a bit variety in their life, right?

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