Tesla aims for 500,000 vehicles by 2018

Elon Musk, is used to shooting for the stars with his Space X business. Yesterday he applied that sensibility to his auto company, telling investors that Tesla will be producing 500,000 vehicles annually by 2018, spurred by demand for the new Model 3. To achieve that will require more outside investment of course. How much isn’t clear but as Bloomberg writes, “Tesla's Kickstarter-like down-payment program for the mass-market Model 3 was not only a useful source of interest-free funding. By holding out the promise of huge potential demand, it created a perfect opportunity to open the door to selling more new equity.”

BHP Billiton liable for £30bn?

Share in mining giant BHP Billiton plunged almost 10% yesterday on news that the company and its Brazilian partner, Vale, face a £30 billion claim from Brazilian prosecutors resulting from last year’s iron ore mine dam collapse that killed 19 people and left 700 homeless, the Guardian reports. The damages are based on what it cost to clean up the US Gulf Coast after the BP Deepwater Horizon disaster prosecutors said, adding: “It does not seem credible, neither technically nor morally, that the value of the human, cultural and physical environment in Brazil should be worth less than other countries.”

Timberland sets ambitious sustainability standards

Outdoor retailer Timberland has published new sustainability targets for 2020 that include ensuring 50% of energy comes from renewable sources, 100% of footwear being made from at least one material containing recycled, organic or renewable content and a plan to plant 10 million trees, Edie reports. Timberland’s latest sustainability update admits the company has failed to meet a number of pre-set sustainability goals. But, as Edie writes, “Despite the CSR report underlining some challenges still facing the company, the 2015 sustainability highlights and goals for 2020 reveal a heightened commitment from Timberland to operate in a sustainable manner.”

How sustainable fashion became fashionable

Timberland is just one of many fashion and lifestyle brands that has embraced sustainable manufacturing and sourcing in recent years. In a feature on the mainstreaming of green fashion the Chicago Tribune looks at the growth of sustainable apparel and concludes that, because brands have seen the business value in incorporating sustainable sourcing and materials in their designs and products, “consumers now don't have to sacrifice style for sustainability.” 

KFC’s finger licking nail polish

Finally today, on to the topic of edible fashion and news that Kentucky Fried Chicken has launched a line of edible nail polish. The flavours replicated KFC’s Original and Hot & Spicy flavours and are sourced from natural ingredients Adweek reports. Which just goes to show that even sustainable products can also be completely crazy.

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