Foursquare foretells Chipotle’s decline

Chipotle has had a rough year by any company’s standards due to a widespread E.coli outbreak making customers sick and ruining its self-created aura for high sustainability principles and standards. Nevertheless investors were shocked when the restaurant chain reported its first ever quarterly loss caused by a 30% drop in sales. But this decline wasn’t a complete surprise. It “was accurately predicted by Foursquare, the social-media app that has its users "check in" to tell their friends what they are up to,” Business Insider writes. Back on on April 12, Foursquare’s CEO wrote a post on Medium where he predicted Chipotle's first-quarter sales would be down by, you guessed it, nearly 30%.

McDonald’s trials a new more natural McNugget

Following a growing trend for natural ingredients in US food production McDonald’s is trialling a new Chicken McNugget made from a “simpler recipe’” that does away with artificial preservatives. Ad Age reports. While McDonald’s hasn’t released the full list of ingredients it is positioning the “improved Happy Meal main course as family friendly, saying they ‘are made with a simpler recipe that parents can feel good about while keeping the same great taste they know and love,’” Ad Age observes. 

Denmark’s red meat tax?

From chicken to red meat now and news that a government think tank has recommended Denmark impose a climate change tax on beef due to cattle’s high level of emissions. The Danish Council of Ethics advises ministers and public bodies on ethical issues. As Denmark looks to meet its Paris COP21 climate change goals the Council has concluded that climate change (and red meat consumption) is an “ethical problem” the Independent reports.

FTSE companies under fire over executive pay 

On the day that Sir Martin Sorrell, head of advertising giant WPP, has been forced to defend his proposed £70 million pay deal the Guardian reports that at least five other major companies face fights over executive pay at their annual general meetings. Shire Pharmaceuticals, basic material business CRH, Barclays, Schroders and engineering company Weir are all under scrutiny “at a time of renewed shareholder focus on directors’ pay,” the Guardian writes.

Brands looks to Greatist to empower fitness 

Finally today, are you sick of being lectured about how to lose weight or gain those perfect abs? So is a whole generation of health-aware young people who are looking for something more in a fitness routine. That’s why fitness brands likes Fitbit, Brooks Running and Camelbak have partnered with millennial-appealing health website The Greatist for empowering content marketing reports Adweek. As Greatist founder Derek Flanzraich explains: ”You can't fake the intention behind your message, because millennials have a crazy-good bullshit meter.”

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