Why we might all have an ocean view by 2100

“Melting of Ice Sheet Could Flood Coastal Cities by 2100”. That’s the cheery headline screaming out of The New York Times this morning, doing its utmost to compete with the latest Trumpian descent into indignity. To add context for a world where the majority of people live near the ocean, scientists are increasingly alarmed that global warming could trigger the disintegration of the West Antarctic ice sheet - raising the sea level by as much as three feet by the end of this century.

Unaoil - the company that bribed the world?

No, this isn’t the plot line for series two of The Night Manager. An investigative collaboration between Fairfax Media’s The Age and The Huffington Post reveals “the biggest leak of documents in oil-industry history” to expose “Monaco-based lobbying company Unaoil as an agent of serious corruption.” The three-part series tracks Unaoil’s global dealings allegedly greasing the wheels of business for such corporate giants as Samsung, Rolls-Royce and Halliburton. As the Age writes: “The leaked files reveal that some people in these firms believed they were hiring a genuine lobbyist, and others who knew or suspected they were funding bribery simply turned a blind eye.”

Heinz wants you to grow your own sauce

As part of its home gardening initiative Heinz is giving away 20,000 packs of tomato seeds and encouraging green fingered fans of the brand to grow their own tomatoes then send photos of the fruit to the Heinz Facebook page. One lucky gardener will be invited to send their tomatoes to the Heinz Innovation Centre “where they will be used to make one bottle of ketchup with a personalised label,” Marketing explains. Surely there’s easier ways of locally-sourcing, no?

The fridge that knows when your food is off

There’s no greater cliche in the Internet of Things universe than the connected fridge - you know, the one that can tell when you’ve run out of milk and adds it to your digital grocery list. Apparently, those fridges also will soon be able to tell when your food has gone off. Sky News repost that fridges fitted with laser beam systems are “able to spot when the surface of food is covered with microorganisms such as salmonella and E. coli.” 

Tay returns and it’s getting high

Finally today, Microsoft has brought its Twitter chatbot “Tay” back online following the furore of its its racist and sexist tweets a few days back. Things still aren’t going according to plan though. At one point Tay seemed to imply it was smoking drugs in front of the police and then it had a spam meltdown tweeting repeatedly “You are too fast, please take a rest …” over and over.” Talk about getting high on technology!


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