Post coal there’s always pot

This economic transition strategy might not be right for every community struggling to handle King Coal’s decline but one Colorado town thinks it has the answer - marijuana. The New York Times reports on the town of Hotchkiss, which has been hard hit ever since the local coal mine closed down. Now, with pot shops blooming throughout a state that legalised the drug in 2012, Hotchkiss is considering whether it can bounce back and grab a piece of the Colorado’s $1bn cannabis industry. 

Sexism rife in adland says Sorrell

WPP CEO Martin Sorrell has said sexism is pervasive in the advertising, marketing and public relations agency world, Digiday reports. Reflecting on the sexism and racism allegations against one of his former lieutenants, JWT CEO Gustavo Martinez (who has now resigned), Sorrell told a conference that WPP is committed to improving diversity within the organisation. He also took issue with his rival at Publicis, CEO Maurice Levy, saying: “I disagree violently with [Levy.] He says the JWT, Gustavo Martinez situation was a one-off. He has the habit of ignoring the facts.”

Heineken gets all Neighbourly in the UK

Dutch brewing giant, Heineken, is teaming up with social platform Neighbourly to help boost its community activities in the UK, Edie reports. Neighbourly helps companies and communities connect on social impact projects. By partnering with the platform, some 2,000 Heineken employees will “now be able to find and collaborate with local causes that matter to them; manage their support for their chosen causes and then measure the impact of their involvement,” Edie writes.

What will keep the UK’s lights on in 2025?

That’s the question vexing business and political leaders along with activists given the growing uncertainty over the controversial Hinkley Point C nuclear power station. At a time when renewable energy investment has been scaled back the UK government is placing a lot of faith in the power of a nuclear future. Yesterday though, EDF Energy, the French company that has the contract to construct Hinkley Point C, refused to confirm exactly when it would give the go-ahead to start the project, the Guardian reports. This prevarication is fueling fears that EDF top executives want out of a project that is seen as economically risky for the company. As the Guardian writes, “The endless delays in setting a firm date for the final investment decision is seen by critics as a potent symbol of the nuclear industry’s inability to build power stations on time and on budget.”

Why we tell our phone details we won’t share with out doctor

Finally today, if you’re a bit embarrassed about sharing a very personal medical concern with your doctor, you might do what millions of others do and confide in your smartphone instead. This New York Times Magazine piece considers just why we’re often more honest about our health with online medical sites than with our own doctors.     


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