The 2016 Sustainarati

Since 2010, to mark the launch of the Annual Social Media Sustainability Index, we've created the Sustainarati - the most important sustainability voices on Twitter. For this year's Sustainarati we've decided to do something a bit different and a bit more useful. The new Sustainarati focuses solely on sustainability executives at major companies who are active on Twitter. Take a look and tell us who we’re missing because, unlike other years, this is a work in progress - we'll continue to develop this list so that we can offer as comprehensive a guide as possible to what sustainability execs at major companies think and say…even though most - ever careful of the company’s legal conditions - are keen to point out that they speak for themselves and not the corporation.

Water charity urges world to fight dirty

Today is World Water Day - an event started by the UN 24 years ago to advocate for clean water access all over the world. To mark its own 10th anniversary the influential NGO, Charity:Water, is launching a new campaign called #fightdirty as it looks to build a global awareness movement that will help the “663 million people who still live without clean water,” Huffington Post writes.  Details of the campaign are sketchy but all will be revealed later today.

Has the FBI cracked the iPhone encryption case?

A California judge has postponed the court hearing into whether Apple should unlock the iPhone used by a gunman in the San Bernardino mass shooting last year after the Justice Department said the FBI had been shown a way to crack the case (so to speak) without Apple’s help. The suit has pitted the US government against the tech industry in a fight over data privacy so, as the New York Times writes, this development “is a reprieve in the clash that has erupted over how and when the authorities should use the troves of digital data collected and stored by tech companies.”

Why brands must become sustainable or die

Purpose. It’s a word that gets bandied about in the world of marketing and sustainability almost as much as authenticity and transparency. But what does it take to shape and communicate a true sense of purpose? Writing in the Guardian, Unilever Keith Weed delivers this sustainable communication call to arms. “Purpose must sit at the core of the brand, driving everything it does. It cannot be an add-on or something that comes and goes according to whim or budget. It’s this authenticity that consumers recognise and reward, because today’s consumers, especially millennials, can smell bullshit a mile away,” he writes.

I name this ship Boaty McBoatface

Finally, in yet another example of be careful what you ask the Internet for, the British public has responded with gusto after the Natural Environment Research Council urged people to name a new £200 million research ship. Unfortunately for the NERC the leading name so far, with more than 27,000 votes, is Boaty McBoatface, the BBC reports. One esteemed ex-mariner, Lord West, is unimpressed. "It's a typical thing of the Brits going mad,” he harrumphed to the BBC. With the other names in the running being equally silly the NERC is changing tack - it says the name will now be chosen by a panel of experts - undoubtedly scuppering Boaty McBoatface before it gets out of dry dock.


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