Whisper it - Kraft Mac n Cheese goes healthy

There’s no bigger trend in food right now than the push to go natural and eliminate artificial ingredients and flavours. So when Kraft decided to change the recipe of its iconic Macaroni and Cheese - ditching artificial preservatives for a combination of paprika, annatto and turmeric - you’d have thought they’d be shouting all natural from the rafters. Well now they are reports the New York Times but only after they’d already sold 50 million boxes of the new version. At first, Kraft was concerned that consumers “would perceive a change in flavor that wasn’t really there if it made too big a deal about the different formula” (a fear exacerbated by initial social media feedback when the company first announced its plans). So, working with ad agency Crispin Porter & Bogusky, Kraft decided to win over mac n cheese lovers’ palettes first rather than play with their minds. Only when it was sure the new recipe was a success did Kraft know it had a good story to tell.

Dyson bets big on batteries

The future will be cordless - that seems certain as battery technology improves and looks set to change the way we access energy. One new entrant into the battle to win the battery business is Dyson, a company better know for making vacuum cleaners. Now, though, after recording record sales in China the company plans to invest £1bn in battery technology over the next five years, the Guardian writes. This isn’t just a flash in the pan for Dyson. Last year it acquired a US company that has pioneered a new type of battery that promises to store double the energy as most liquid-based lithium batteries.

Plotting the end of coal

We’ll need major battery power to help power our future if the coal industry is finally kaput as the New Republic suggests. It looks at the decline of the industry and economic and policy decisions that are hastening its demise. The article notes how the Obama administration has engineered the transition to a post-coal economy but writes: “Due to a confluence of economic and political factors—as well as international pressure stemming from the Paris climate change agreement—even a Republican president can’t prop up the industry for long.”

Want a unicorn? Fund an immigrant

As immigration dominates political discourse on both sides of the Atlantic, a new study finds that immigrants have founded more than “half of the current crop of U.S.-based startups valued at $1 billion or more,” the Wall Street Journal reports. Three of the highest valued companies considered in the study included Uber, data-software company Palantir Technologies Inc. and Space Exploration Technologies Inc. The study comes as tech industry leaders have called for increasing the number of H-1B visas that let skilled immigrants work in the US.

Sustainable Brands returns to Barcelona 

Finally today, Sustainable Brands is returning to Barcelona in May and Sustainly is proud to be one of the media partners for the two-day event. The conference programme has just been launched and features great speakers including Tim Brooks, vp of environmental responsibility for Lego, Markus Laubscher, director of sustainability and circular economy for Philips, Paul Chong, director of IBM Watson Group and many more. If you’d like to attend Sustainly can offer our readers a 40% delegate ticket discount. Use the code SPKRSB162D when booking.

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