Bees disappear from Honey Nut Cheerios

General Mills Canada has removed the iconic bee from its Honey Nut Cheerio packaging as part of a new awareness campaign to draw attention to the declining honey bee population. The move is part of a larger campaign by agency, Cossette, that includes TV and online spots and a dedicated microsite, Adweek writes. “With ongoing losses in bee populations being reported across Canada, we wanted to leverage our packaging to draw attention to this important cause and issue a call to action to Canadians to help plant 35 million wildflowers—one for every person in Canada,” General Mills Canada director of marketing Emma Eriksson said.

Unwanted pee prompts Kellogg’s cereal investigation

Another less palatable cereal story now and news that the US Food and Drug Administration has launched a criminal investigation after a video surfaced of a man at a Kellogg’s factory urinating onto cereal products as they came off the assembly line. The video was filmed in 2014 when Kellogg’s and one of its unions were involved in a labor dispute the Guardian reports. 

Sustainability moving on up at Microsoft

News now that sustainability is getting a voice at Microsoft’s top executive table. Greenbiz reports that chief sustainability officer Rob Bernard now reports to Microsoft’s president and chief legal officer, Brad Smith, who in turn reports to CEO Satya Nadella. That might sound like inside baseball but the implications are major both for Microsoft and a portent for sustainability progress in business. “Suddenly, sustainability [is] part of the central organization, seen on a par with issues such as privacy and security — topics core to any technology company’s future,” Greenbiz explains.

Patagonia to fund solar

One company that already has sustainability baked into its future development is Patagonia. The New York Times reports that the company known for environmental stewardship and sustainable products will invest in solar energy by working with four other companies to create a $35 million fund for residential solar power installation in eight states.

What makes a video go viral in today’s short attention span society?

Finally today, if you’re thinking of posting a cute cat video in the hope of making a social splash, think again. Apparently, cats are out but crazy octopus videos are in. Or something like that, according this Digiday feature on the “journalists” who scour the latest online trends and memes for their own link bait inspiration. Makes you almost nostalgic for Grumpy Cat no?

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