Is Honest Company using an ingredient it banned?

Does the Honest Company’s detergent contain an ingredient it vowed to avoid? That’s the charge levelled by the Wall Street Journal after two independent lab tests it commissioned turned up evidence of sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS), a chemical present in many other detergents. The Honest Company, founded by actress Jessica Alba, refutes the labs findings though the WSJ suggests the intricacies of its supply chain sourcing complicates getting a definitive answer. 

How bad spelling saved one bank $1 billion

A cyber criminal’s inability to spell the word “foundation” has helped prevent a heist of nearly $1bn, the Guardian reports. Hackers stole Bangladesh Bank’s international payment transfer codes and then sent requests for the Federal Reserve Bank of New York to transfer its funds to bank accounts in the Philippines and Sri Lanka including one in the name of an NGO, the Shalika Foundation. Only when the hackers misspelled foundation as fandation did bankers check into the transactions and found out they were fraudulent. But not before the criminals had already pocketed $81 million.

JWT CEO sued for racist, sexist comments

A US discrimination lawsuit filed in Manhattan federal court claims that JWT CEO Gustavo Martinez made “racist and sexist slurs,” Ad Age reports. The suit filed by JWT's longtime communications executive Erin Johnson alleges Martinez had "no hesitation in referring in conversations with employees, including senior JWT executives, or the media, to his dislike of the 'fucking Jews,' his refusal to go places where he would encounter the 'black monkeys' or 'apes' who don't know how to use computers,' or to his publicly asked questions about which female staff member he should rape.’” Martinez denies all the allegations.

Milan urges people to get on their bike

News from Italy now and the city of Milan is so keen to improve air quality that it is considering paying its residents to bike to work. Milan is one of Europe’s most polluted cities and the proposed plan would pay commuters a small fee (say 25 cents per kilometre cycled). Skeptics, however, point to a similar scheme in France that failed and question whether these financial incentives could change habits in a city where current infrastructure promotes cars over bikes.

Trashy wifi could become all the rage for ravers

Finally today, news that two Indian entrepreneurs have hit on a novel idea of bringing WiFi to music festivals and keeping the sites clean by creating a four foot tall plastic garbage bin that offers free WiFi in exchange for trash. And you thought your WiFi coverage was rubbish!

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