Obama pushes for low income broadband

President Barack Obama has set a goal to get 20 million low income people online through high speed Internet by 2020, The New York Times reports. Communicating (suitably) via a Facebook post, the US President focused on youth education, writing: “a lack of broadband at home took a particularly harsh toll on students caught in a ‘homework gap,’ unable to complete school assignments because the work requires access to the web.”

How the US could slash food waste.

US businesses can save nearly $2bn a year if they reduce by 20% over the next 10 years the amount of half-eaten meals, unsold milk and other foods they currently throw away. That’s the findings of a new report and accompanying plan titled, Roadmap to Reduce US Food Waste, Guardian Sustainable Business reports. The report helps plan waste reduction strategies for government and business using financial and other data and is funded by 13 foundations, including the David and Lucile Packard Foundation and the Walmart Foundation.

Jiminy Crickets - an insect protein bar gets extra fuel!

Alternative protein (aka bug food) company Exo has raised $4 million through venture capital funding Sustainable Brand writes. Exo produces cricket flour protein bars and will use the funding to develop new products as well as expand their retail presence. “Exo represents the greatest disruption to our food supply; introducing possibilities in sustainable protein sources never contemplated before,” said Lauren Jupiter, co-founder and Managing Partner at AccelFoods, the VC firm that led the funding round.

Could Chronicle be the future of digital healthcare?

Seattle-based design firm Artefact is developing an app that can monitor various chronic diseases in its users and compare them to others with similar conditions, in real time, Fast Company reports. The hypothetical mobile health care app, known as Chronicle, monitors individual chronic conditions throughout the day using sensors including the users phone’s GPS, accelerometer as well as heart monitors. Chronicle’s USP? It will  evolve and learn through "design by democracy" whereby “users, self-reporting anything from medications to potential epileptic triggers, would inform the system’s evolution,” Fast Company writes.

What to see at South By Southwest

Finally today, anyone who has attended the annual South By Southwest conference knows just how bewildering the sheer number of talks and events can be. Adweek offers this handy guide of don’t miss events. Apparently President Obama will be quite a draw but the pressure will be on Casey Gerald, co-founder and CEO, MBAs Across America, who is on stage directly before. That's going to have to be quite a warm up act. 

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