GE and Unilever top the 6th Annual Social Media Sustainability Index


How do you communicate your company's sense of purpose - what you stand for in simple terms - in a way that is authentic, transparent and honest?

Increasingly, the answer for many of the world's biggest companies is to highlight their sustainability work.

Why sustainability? Well, sustainability, after all, is rooted in doing business in a transparent and authentic way. And, in today’s always-on, smarter-than-before society, pledging to be a better company just won’t cut it. You have to demonstrate how your company’s purpose is creating a tangible better experience.

That’s why for the 6th Annual Social Media Sustainability Index we have focused on what companies stand for and how effectively they communicate their sense of purpose. We’ve always maintained that, in sustainability, when you’re doing good work then you have a better story to tell.

In 2015 GE and Unilever emerged as joint leaders of the Index. Both companies have multiple products, engagement strategies and awareness campaigns devoted to backing up their sustainability credentials and commitments (even though they don't necessarily use the term sustainability).

Patagonia, Sainsbury's, H&M, CVS, Microsoft, Aetna, General Mills and Philips all feature in this year's Top 10. The likes of Intel, Pearson, RB, Ikea, AT&T, Procter & Gamble and Danone also are communicating sustainability in ways to be applauded.

This year's Social Media Sustainability Index takes an exhaustive look at how 475 global companies communicate their sustainability actions and initiatives using social media. We select the initial 475 from a variety of sustainable company indices. Our team of researchers has looked at every online and social media channel used by each of the companies for communication. This year we have assessed more than 2,500 corporate sites and social media channels.

The 6th Annual Social Media Sustainability Index is available to all Sustainly members (free and full). If you're not already a member, you can register here and access all Sustainly's free research.