FBI iPhone blunder prompted Apple privacy fight

Could the landmark privacy/national security battle taking place between Apple and the US government have been avoided (or at least delayed) if the FBI had known how to use an iPhone? Potentially yes according to testimony from James B. Comey Jr., director of the F.B.I., to the US Senate. As the The New York Times reports, the FBI “lost a chance to capture data from the iPhone used by one of the San Bernardino attackers when it ordered that his password to the online storage service iCloud be reset shortly after the rampage.” In doing so the reset locked the FBI out and eliminated other means of getting in. 

To tip or not to tip?

Is tipping waiters fair for all workers in the restaurant industry? That’s the issue vexing restaurant owners in the US ever since prominent NY restaurateur Danny Meyer said he would end tipping in favor of higher menu prices the Wall Street Journal reports. At the heart of the debate is the fairness of a system that benefits the waiter but often doesn’t trickle down to the rest of the restaurant’s employees. At the same time those waiters often only make a decent wage if they get good tips so restaurants that scrap the system run the risk not only of losing customers (by hiking prices) but waiters as well. Perhaps we can just all agree to pay more for our meals in exchange for the restaurant owners agreeing to split the extra revenue equally between all workers? We might be waiting a while for that “house special”. 

The business gloom of business trip hotels

Staying with the service industry, is business travel making you depressed? The New York Times considers “hotel gloom, an amorphous melancholy that seems to thrive in the perfectly serviceable hotel rooms of the $200-a-night-and-under variety.” It offers some tips to avoid this "on the road" melancholy including refusing room service. Talk about first world problems.

RBS seeks to educate employees with sustainability

Employee engagement at Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) next and news that the bank is looking to inspire and educate employees about its sustainability and energy-efficiency goals through an internal poster and sticker campaign called Turn it off. “We need to demonstrate that we are doing the right thing as an organisation and shouting about it internally,” RBS’s workplace culture manager tells Employee Benefits. 

A Social Media Sustainability Masterclass

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