Safeway's Fresh from our Farmers takes consumers behind the scenes of sourcing

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Safeway Fresh from our Farmers

One of the consumer gripes about supermarkets is that they form a barrier between us, as customers, and the fresh food which we consider healthier. Packaged and preserved food may be convenient, but fresh produce straight from the farm has got to be better, we believe.

Safeway sought to address this concern with its ‘Fresh From Our Farmers’ campaign - a series of short films about real family farms - long-standing family businesses and individuals which supply produce to the supermarket.


Corra Films partnered with DDB Chicago to develop the campaign which involved 11 different farms across the US.

The films profile long-established farmers in every part of the country producing olives, apples, avocados, peaches and more, praising Safeway for its commitment to local agriculture.

Sustainly says

This feelgood campaign, which aims to dispel the idea that farming is an inhuman, mechanized industry, is part of a growing trend among food producers and retailers to emphasize the integrity and quality of their supply chains and sourcing. It is similar to McDonald's Supplier Stories and comes at a time when various surveys show that 70% of consumers in the US and UK are concerned about industrial farming.