Samsung innovates road safety with see-through truck

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Samsung see-through safety truck

It’s a familiar situation to many of us - you’re driving behind a semi-trailer truck on a single-lane highway.  The truck is driving slowly, but you can’t overtake because you can’t see what’s happening in front.

If only you could see ‘through’ the truck, you’d know what was ahead, and whether it was safe to pass. A new Samsung development - prompted by the very high accident rate on Argentinian roads - may have solved the problem.

The Safety Truck concept is simple - it involves a wireless camera at the front of the truck, connected to external monitors on the back of the truck - forming a display for following drivers to see.

So drivers can see well ahead, enabling them to judge when it is safe to overtake, and also anticipating problems ahead, which may force them to brake.

Samsung has confirmed the technology works, and the next step is to undertake the various tests to ensure compliance with national regulations.


Sustainly says

This is an apparently simple solution, which could prevent frustration, and more importantly, save lives. Our only concern would be the possibility that the tech develops a fault and shows an image that isn’t ‘live’ but a few seconds or minutes old. So, while you see a clear road, you could pull into an oncoming vehicle,