Novartis creates pop culture posters for malaria awareness

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Novartis malaria M cards

Every minute a child dies from malaria. It’s one of the top three killers of children worldwide, but the disease is preventable and curable. Although infant mortality rates from malaria are declining, there is a still a huge amount of work to do, and money needed.

Novartis has been taking a lead in this struggle for many years, and its Malaria Initiative dates back to 2001. It focuses on improving access to treatment, helping communities in malaria-endemic countries deliver better healthcare and investing in research and development into the next generation of antimalarials. It has become one of the largest access-to-medicine programs in the healthcare industry, measured by the number of patients reached annually.

Working with a range of organizations, the company has provided more than 700 million treatments for adults and children, without profit, to more than 60 malaria-endemic countries, contributing to a significant reduction of the death toll from malaria, mostly infants and children.

To highlight its work and raise awareness about malaria Novartis created M-Force trading cards and posted them on Pinterest. The cards portray superheroes with powers to fight Plasmorpheus, the Malaria Mutant and offer a novel way to engage a younger audience; the cards cleverly link to web pages showing how that particular fight is really being waged.

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Around 1300 kids die from malaria every day. This campaign is designed to engage children, and involve them to help save their counterparts in Africa and other affected parts of the world.